05/22/09 – We have turned over all the closeout paperwork from Process on this job to Tony. Joe signed the change order at Tony’s office. We created the as-builts and gave them to Bert in CD format with the original marked up drawing. TTC delivered to Bert’s mailbox on 05/18/09.

02/02/09 – TTC inquired about approving this change order again with Darnell & Tony.

01/05/09 – Process is not budging on the a negotiated settlement for their change order request. TTC talked to Joe Doxsey and Tony Matre and could not arbitrate a settlement. TTC asked Joe to call Tony directly to try to convince him of the extra monies. Tony stated the extra valve cost were fine. The sticking point is the extra labor and material mark-up from last year to this year. TTC mailed in payapps 4 & 5 for this proejct which leaves $1000 for closeout plus the change orders to resolve.

12/18/08 – TTC and Process have sent change order payment request to Tony. TTC requested final payment except retainage from Process.

11/25/08 – ThermalTech sent permit drawings to Ginter. Punchlist to Process Const and Change Order from Process to the County.

11/03/08 – Punchlist is completed. Pumps seem to be working fine when all four condensate pumps are left on to handle the building load. TTC has inquired about operation several times with bldg personnel but no response after visit.

10/16/08 – Vacuum pump testing is scheduled for 10/28. Rod will attend for TEI and do a final punchlist.

08/22/08 – TTC talked to Process about project completion which is about 98% complete. TEI asked that O&M’s include warranty letter, equipment submittals and contact information. Commissioning of system needs to happen after the unit is started up in October. Controls should be complete and main pumps should be working. TEI will want to see automatic backup of the pumps and vacuum pumps operate. Each lead pump should work first then each lag pump should take over if there is a failure on the main pumps. Electrical and Controls still have a little work to finish before TE punchlist. Process is submitting a new pay application for most of remaining budget.

08/05/08 – TTC visited the site today to do a pre punchlist check over. The project looks excellent. Piping is nearly complete. Insulation next and then electric and controls. The project should be a couple of weeks from completion. We are investigating the need for additional disconnects.

07/30/08 – Equipment is installed. Insulation and electrical will be installed over next two weeks. Contractor expects to be complete within one month. Process has experienced material cost increases and pay period increases and will be submitting a change order for our review. There is a question about physical disconnects for condensate pumps. EC says we need them. Mechanical schedule says they are provided with the equipment.

07/09/08 – New pipe routing and equipment locations finalized. Housekeeping pad size selected by owner and coordinated with contractor.

Equipment Ordered

Layout changed based on actual footprint of Skidmore equip.