Project Lead: THP

06/13/16 – Stone debris was discovered on the east elevation. THP requested to complete an emergency stone review then a more formal building envelope assessment. ZSR to provide contractor support.

06/17/16 – THP submitted an SOSS.

06/21/16 – County approved SOSS.

06/22/16-06/28/16 – Emergency inspections of the façade via aerial platform and rappelling.

06/22/16 – THP started five day aerial survey of the base of the building and rappelling survey of the tower. THP provide details to stabilize (4) critical stone conditions on the base of the building.

06/27/16 – THP issued sketch of locations of stones to receive supplemental anchors. Waiting on some additional scans from archives.

07/25/16 – THP published a worst case stone and angle repair budget for the County to consider during short term planning.

07/28/16 – Final report anticipated to be complete mid-September.

01/26/17 – THP published final report.

02/03/17 – THP published report to County.

02/17/17 – THP updated cost estimate and published revision to final report.