12/15/18 – TEI spoke with CWW on adding new city water main and abandoning old main underground. This seems to be an acceptable solution for everyone.
12/31/18 – SOSS approved, ThermalTech can start design for replacement.
01/31/19 – ThermalTech has completed several field trips for this work and worked out replacement with the CWW for this job. THP will provide notes for sealing up the wall after piping is removed. We will try to have ready for ITB and bidding in early February. We will get prices now for Facilities to see about funding.
02/28/19 – Project updated with revised scope and sent to Bert. TEI met with GBBN and THP to discuss their role in the final TEI drawings and got some information about how the project will work. TEI to update drawings and cost estimate with final scope.
03/21/2019 – THP Finalized foundation repair detail and related specification sections and emailed to TTE for review.
03/27/19 – THP submitted drawing package to ThermalTech. TEI incorporated details into job and updated floor plans. Final review set going out this Friday.
04/24/19 – Prices submitted, project awaiting approval by County.
05/28/19 – Project on hold awaiting release by the County.
06/27/19 – Project on hold pending funding.
07/25/19 – Project on hold pending funding.
08/28/19 – Project on hold pending funding.
09/25/19 – Project on hold pending funding.
10/30/19 – Project on hold. Fire Pump Study working on peripheral items associated with this update.
12/11/19 – Project on hold.
01/24/20 – Project SOSS for Bidding & Const submitted to County for approval. Drawings are pretty much ready for bidding upon County approvals.
02/20/20 – SOSS and PO forthcoming after speaking with Facilities. TTE should prepare the bid document work in Feb/March.
03/23/20 – Final review drawings are nearly complete. TTC need to check over and send to Tony.
04/16/20 – Drawings will be sent to Tony Matre for final review by May 1. Spoke to Tom Frimming about pump requirements and new water main installation for this job; forwarded those comments to Tony for review.
05/27/20 – Final markups not included yet from TTC markups. I am thinking that I will pick up the final markups myself beyond this markup set but I do need to send Tony his final dwg set for his markups.
06/23/20 – Project on hold awaiting funding.
07/29/20 – Project on hold awaiting funding.
08/26/20 – City performed work in the alley this month for new sidewalks, curbs and concrete. TTC measure the depth of the city water line while the alley was demolished. The piping is 19″ below grade with the alley removed and potentially another 9″ below the landscaping in front of the 800 Broadway building.
09/18/20 – No updates this month.
10/28/20 – No updates this month. But we did refresh the drawings a little bit and try to improve the PID.
12/10/20 – Tom F called to say that SA Comunale ran the annual fire pump test last week and the building does not hold on one water main. TTC reached out to Daryl Meadows at the CFD about what the Fire Watch would include during the City Water shutdown and TEI will update the drawings accordingly. Also, however, TTC reached out to SA Comunale for the actual failure points. The low water cutoff means (i.e. if the pump can’t pump 125% of the flow, that doesn’t mean it can make 100% of the flow and that may be critical in the fire watch work over the weekend). The sensor turned the pump off before the pump reaches maximum by design.