Project Lead: TEI

09/23/15 – TEI submitted SOSS to Bert Watts, Pending Approval.

09/24/15 – Bert says they might already have some wireless in place so this scope may be altered.

10/28/15 – TEI gets approved SOSS and PO – Bert and TEI trying to schedule Kick off meeting with Shannon Supe et al.

12/07/15 – TEI met with Greg Wandstatt and Todd Coriell to review the requirements from the Tele-Comm department. TEI met with Lisa Gorrasi (Court Administrator – Domestic Relations) on 12/08/15 to walk the space and to determine where in the building the existing WAP are located and where the areas of low/no coverage are. TEI to coordinate final recommendations with Facilities and with Shannon Supe.

01/26/16 – TEI issues copy of study to Bert Watts for review. Bert Watts approves study and asks for cost to implement the recommendations. TEI to develop cost and send to Bert Watts.

02/23/16 – TEI issues final report to Bert Watts for distribution.