Project Lead: GBBN

06/23/15 – County requested GBBN attend a kick-off Meeting at 800 Broadway on Tuesday, June 30th at 2:00 pm.

06/30/15 – Kick-off Meeting held at Domestic Relations area. Scope drawings prepared by the users are distributed.

07/02/15 – Original SOSS submitted to Facilities Department.

07/15/15 – John Nester contacts GBBN about revising SOSS without walk-through permitting services.

07/16/15 – GBBN submits revised SOSS to Facilities Department.

07/30/15 – Approval came in yesterday. They would like to move in by September. Try to make renovation require no sprinkler work so split the sprinklers with walls.

08/18/15 – TEI confirms no fire suppression sprinkler head modifications are required on this project. Bert Watts finalizes the last scope questions to GBBN.

08/20/15 – GBBN submits combined Building and Mechanical Permit to the City of Cincinnati Permit Center.

08/25/15 – TEI submitted drawings to IBI for approval, pending plan review. TEI reviewed CAGIS page and plan review issued complete (CIC1503111).

09/23/15 – John Nester indicated that the electricians are ready for a rough-in inspection. TEI contacted IBI, and IBI can not perform any inspections until the building permit is issued. TEI is waiting on notification that the building permit has been issued to contact IBI again. HVAC is complete and measured airflows are at or above design CFM’s.

10/28/15 – Rough in inspection completed and passed with IBI. ThermalTech called IBI for the electrical final inspection, scheduled for Friday morning, 10/30/15. ThermalTech to contact IBI Friday between 7:30 and 8:30 for inspection timeframe window.