Project Lead: TEI

01/24/14 – Due to sprinkler line freeze and break on the second floor, water infiltrated the electrical gear in the Sub Basement of the the building and caused a fault, which then left the building without utility power for 2-1/2 days. Hamilton county facilities department, ThermalTech, Duke, IBI, county electricians, and building staff worked collaboratively with each other to restore utility power to the building. The fault left the building with only one Duke feed (The Duke switching cabinet in the sub basement requires that one of the switches be re-built by Duke). The Control Power transformer in the building service was damaged. Jeff Jones from ECI has placed order for replacement CTT.

01/24/14 – TEI submits SOSS to Bert Watts.

02/25/14 – TEI receives approved SOSS and purchase order.

03/26/14 – TEI completes work associated with emergency response.

04/24/14 – Project Complete.