Project Lead: TEI

01/24/14 – TEI communicating with CEPower and IBI to determine regulatory regulations that will be required to restore both services to operation (normal and standby service from Duke). TEI will then author and submit SOSS to Bert Watts for approval.

02/25/14 – TEI met with Matt Kennedy of CEPower on 2/20/14 to discuss scope of services that CEPower to provide. CEP and TEI had a conference call on 02/25/14 to discuss project, test plans, etc. TEI to submit SOSS to Bert watts upon receipt of CEP fees (to work as a sub to TEI). Anticipated ship date for CPT from General Electric is 03/13/14 (according to Jeff Jones).

03/26/14 – TEI received late on 03/25/14 proposal from CE Power to do testing. TEI authoring the SOSS for working with IBI, Jeff Jones, and CE Power to restore power to remainder of County owned equipment. TEI communicated with Duke Energy (Jeff Hesse) to advise that the anticipated restore power date from the County switchgear. Jeff Jones of CEI indicated that the replacement control power transformer and relays are at his shop and as soon as PO and contracts are executed, the re-install can be scheduled.

04/22/14 – SOSS submitted to HamCo. Project approved and commencing immediately. Duke repairs have began. TEi to schedule Work on getting the Permit completed sot that the gear can be restored to full pre-fault functionality.

05/28/14 – ThermalTech has met with CEPower and discussed with Jeff Jones the restoration of the switchboard. CEPower to identify length of time that the outage will take and then also give ThermalTech timing of when the testing can occur. Jeff Jones has equipment at his shop and plans is to install all parts that are in non-energized cabinets ahead of outage to keep the outage duration to a minimum. HamCo to identify timing when outage can and/or can not occur.

06/25/14 – The switchgear is restored on the County side. IBI inspection on 06/25/14 (approved – temporary release) and IBI to send release to Duke to get release to power up gear for final testing by CE Power. Duke anticipates to restore their switching and be prepared to get power back on week of June 30, 2014.

07/30/14 – Duke switchgear restored and ThermalTech received notification on 07/14/14 that Duke was ready to re-energize. ThermalTech contacted all of the parties (CEP, ECI, IBI HamCo Duke) and the final testing and restoration of the gear is scheduled for 08/09/14, work beginning at 8:00 AM.

08/25/14 – All associated parties met on site on Saturday 08/09/14. The primary and secondary sources are now connected and the auto-throw over equipment is fully functioning per the original design intent of the gear. IBI inspected the gear and gave a final approval of the restoration of the gear. power to both primary and standby services are now on and the building gear is back to being fully functional.