10/19/19 – SOSS received and ThermalTech onsite for fire pump testing. We witnessed the fire pump test by SA Comunale and they stated that the fire pumps passed with both city water mains open.
10/30/19 – Terry and Cai met to review the model and report. So far the model is working and matching existing conditions. Cai did a great job interpolating the existing pressure drops from the field data we collected. It is our initial view that both city water mains need to be open for the fire pumps because of the large pressure drop across the BFP’s. WE have to get the mfgr data to confirm this. We also are setting up additional testing with CDFP for more field test.
12/12/19 – No new updates this month.
01/24/20 – This project can be archived in lieu of the City Water Main replacement which has been submitted for Bidding & Construction.