Project Lead: THP

02/16/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.

03/10/17 – Met with Hamilton County to review scope and field conditions.

03/23/17 – THP provided Hamilton County with a SOSS.

04/06/17 – SOSS approved.

04/27/17 – Thermal scan rained out earlier in April. Next scheduled scan is May 2nd (weather permitting).

05/23/17 – THP completed thermal scan of roof.

05/25/17 – THP visited site to meet with County to observe and document areas of flat roofs where water was trapped behind membrane at south-facing parapet wall.

06/27/17 – County and THP to review active leak areas.

06/29/17 – THP working on report.

07/27/17 – THP working on report.

08/31/17 – THP published report for review by County.