12/26/06 – TTC has decided to close this project and archive it. This project was never contracted or awarded and the work was never done. We believe it was included in another project.

10/14/05 – TE received word that this project is still a “go”, however we have not received any news about the contract status.

10/03/05 – Contracts are turned into the prosecutor. We are awaiting word from the County about proceeding with this project or canceling this project in lieu of a revised EMU project.

09/22/05 – TTC dropped off the revised contacts to Wayne Trent today and gave one copy to Michael Evans at GBBN. All contracts were hand delivered. The County facility group got to meet Kandy today because we stopped in

08/29/05 – Addendum 01 PDF was issued with the new bid form. Job is set to open on September 1st.