Project Lead: ThermalTech

08/29/12 – ThermalTech visited the site several times to discuss 2013 installation of freezestats by Process Construction. It was determined and recommend by TTE that freezestats on units which have had their non-glycol preheat hot water coils removed do not need freezestats reinstalled. This applies to most of the low rise units. A&M will leave the freezestats in the units and jumper across them so they don’t shut the fans down on morning warmup but will also implement a full morning warmup cycle in cold weather to prevent unnecessary overcooling of the Supply Air stream in these units.

11/28/14 – After investigating the L-71 rooftop unit with the same issue and getting prices from the vendor for a replacement unit or a electric preheat coil option it was determined the same strategy could be used for this unit. The freezestat will be bypassed, this was discussed and agreed on between Terry Cannon, Darnell Edward and Tony Matre. The unit has not frozen in the 14 years we have been working with the County at this building. The RF-1 also does not need to run to prevent the freezestat from tripping, A&M will bypass this freezestat too.