Project Lead: GBBN

05/25/10 – Bert Watts requested SOSS to be prepared. This is second SOSS for overall project. This second SOSS is to await results of Phase 1 Planning Study SOSS to determine complete scope of work for project.

05/26/10 – GBBN requested estimate for consulting services from ThermalTech.

06/24/10 – SOSS submitted to Bert Watts at monthly Partner Meeting.

04/28/11 – SOSS reconfiguration discussed at monthly partnering meeting.

01/25/12 – County and partners completed a planning meeting and established project goals and schedule. Project recording period to end October 31, 2012. Three month recording period August 1 to October 31. County review period for credits June 1 to July 3Design team project meeting schedule for May 10th with County review period of credits starting June 1. THP reviewing credits for use of park across of street from the building. Design team project meeting schedule for May 10th with County review period of credits starting June 1. THP submitted policy’s on June 4th for County review. County in the process of reviewing credits.

05/10/12 – Design Team Status Meeting at GBBN.

05/11/12 – Bert Watts responds to Design Team questions developed in Design Team Meeting.

05/26/11 – GBBN/TEI/THP to discuss options for reconfiguring the scope and services for each firm to perform the Certification process.

06/09/11 – Final SOSS due from each firm. GBBN delivers SOSS F017A Revised to Bert Watts.

07/11/11 – SOSS received approved from Bert Watts.

07/13/11 – Confirmed all three Partners have received approved SOSS.

08/32/11 – Kick-off Meeting to be held with THP and ThermalTech at GBBN offices.

08/03/11 – All partners held a kick-off meeting to discuss logistics and timetables.

09/22/11 – The design team, minus THP, and Bert Watts meet to discuss project schedule generated by TEI and project registration. A meeting with THP is to be held in future.

09/28/11 – Tony Yunker sends invitation to project team members to register on the USGBC Online site.

05/24/12 – Tony Yunker completes preliminary new County Procedures for Owner Review. THP has also completed the sample Procedure Documents.

06/06/12 – TEI discusses refrigerant conversion strategy with Ralph Linne.

06/13/12 – Conference call with all three partners to discuss Procedure strategy for delivery to Facilities Department. THP forwards Murray Monroe summaries and procedures. John Millar yet to complete procedures. Tony Yunker updates spread sheet with performance period.

06/22/12 – County notifies Murray Monroe of their lack of desire to converting parking spaces at east or rear of building to green space for SS Credit 5.

06/25/12 – ThermalTech completed its Preliminary Reviews for County approval. ThermalTech indicates IEQc1.3 is to be removed from possible point list.

09/26/12 – GBBN/THP/TEI hold conference call to discuss delays in receiving procedure review comments back from owner.

09/27/12 – Bert Watts leaves voice mail concerning results of review meeting with Ralph Linne. Bert is to review existing procedure templates for overlaps. Solid Waste Stream Audit may need to be revisited.

01/27/13 – GBBN/THP/TEI agree to establish the final three month credit performance period for May 30, 2013 to August 31,2013. This information passed along to Bert Watts that agreed to these dates.

04/22/13 – County requested THP coordinate Bayer Becker surveyor .

04/05/13 – GBBN, TEI and THP hold design team meeting to discuss scheduling and replacement of Tony Yunker as Administrator.

04/24/13 – GBBN held an internal meeting to get staff onboard with the project in preparation for the County to deliver the required procedure updates. The County is to deliver the updated procedures by the first week of May.

04/26/13 – In4 helped to calculate the building occupant load based on the CAFM data in Archibus.

05/07/13 – GBBN contacts Darnell Edwards, Building Manager, to inform him of the impending presence of Bayer Becker surveyors and their need to open doors for elevation shots of the landings inside the building.

05/30/13 – Bayer Becker completed survey and anticipated providing drawings by the end of the week. ThermalTech finished a couple more water surveys. The building probably qualifies for the higher water conservation level point.

06/06/13 – THP forwards an electronic copy of the final survey by BBE.

06/06/13 – THP issued Bayer Becker survey.

06/13/13 – GBBN inquires about County delays in transmitting revised procedures to Design Team. More revisions are necessary and the Director and Assistant Director must review the proposed changes before transmitting them.

08/06/13 – Design Team met to discuss Procedures returned from Owner and input requirements.

08/07/13 – Emails sent to Darnell Edwards to request meeting to discuss Procedure implementation and forms necessary.

08/26/13 – Bert Watts and Tony Matre confirm Darnell has been on vacation henceforth no response to GBBN emails.

08/28/13 – TTC started the Building Report. TTC and Amy Crousey will be inputting data and forms this week and next for the Sept 5 meeting at GBBN.

09/05/13 – GBBN cancels design team meeting due to inability to contact owner to arrange owner meeting.

09/06/13 – GBBN receives request from Facilities concerning possible meeting date with Building Manager. Meeting is set for 09/12/13.

09/12/13 – GBBN meets with Facilities and Building Manager to discuss implementation issues and necessity for compliance documentation forms.

09/26/13 – TEI input several credits this month in the EA and WE divisions. The County provided some additional PM information and TTC uploaded to update the credit.

10/15/13 – TEI uploaded schedule for PM.

11/15/13 – TEI Updated Credits for water.

12/15/13 – TEI updated credits for EA, IAQ.

01/30/14 – Bert asked for a definitive answer about final submission to USGBC by 1/31 plus an explanation about not meeting the 12/31 deadline.

02/24/14 – ThermalTech entered most WE credits and EA credits. County provided and approved paperwork in these credits for upload. A&M on site creating trends for use with IAQ credits and commissioning credits.

02/26/14 – GBBN sent revised 11.0 Sustainability Purchasing- Facility Alterations Tracking Form back to Bert Watts. Master completion matrix updated, we can uses at partner meeting to track status. Performance Period should be finalized from about June 2012 through either February or March 2014.

03/14/14 – GBBN transfers floor plans, site boundary plan and project photographs to other partners for uploading into the project website.

03/27/14 – Shift Preliminary Submission date to April 7, 2014. Setup meeting with Ralph and Bert.

04/16/14 – Owner Signatory Meeting with Ralph Linne and Bert Watts. Credits and Pre-Requisites requiring owner approvals/signatures were reviewed and modified.

04/21/14 – Bert Watts forwards Consumable and Light Bulb materials to GBBN.

04/24/14 – THP found some more owner checklist items and they will update these after milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

07/24/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

08/05/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

08/27/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

02/24/14 – GBBN and Pinnacle Engineering met with Tony Matre to deliver the final reports and electronic copies of the reports. GBBN is completing final report drawings for Pinnacle as final preliminary drawings are delivered by Pinnacle to GBBN. All drawings are to be completed by 2/28/14.

03/26/14 – All asbestos reports and associated drawings are complete. Final drawing input into Archibus/WebCentral is ongoing. GBBN was granted access to the database to complete the drawing downloads.

07/01/14 – GBBN sends another email and follow-up voice mail to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of billings and final completion.

08/28/14 – TEI updated two credit points so far. We have edited about four others. The OA prerequisite is the major one we are working on this week, GBBN has finished updating all the rebuttal questions, THP has some questions about the green cleaning policy for maintenance log.

09/05/14 – TEI updated all WE credits this week. TEI Update all EA credits this week. TEI is working on IEQ credits and outdoor air requirements..

09/12/14 – All partners are updated with LEED input except TEI is working on IEQ input which may require an air balance report on the exhaust fan system. TTC requested time with Darnell to do this work.

09/19/14 – TEI updated all credits but IEQp1 which doesn’t meet minimum standards yet. Final submission date reset to 10/1/14. More work needed in building and programming changes required on AHU’s to meet this prereq.

09/24/14 – Refer to GBBN updated.

09/25/14 – ThermalTech completed the remaining points for USGBC response including all fieldwork for IEQp1 credits yesterday. The tables have been updated. We are now updating the credit and uploading our final forms for final submission on 10/1/2014.

10/22/24 – Two clarifications came back from USGBC in regards to the IEQp1 and EAp2 prerequisites. These are both on the ThermalTech realm to answer. TTC posted two response questions to the website asking for clarification. ThermalTech is currently uploading the 800 Energy Star forms for 2014 for the 88 score. Answers are due back to USGBC by 11/5/14 on these clarifications. ThermalTech should have both answers uploaded prior to that. It is possible to submit EAp2 as a “No Recent Labels” but that seems counterintuitive to what we are trying to accomplish at 800. Our score is up 2 points, we are hopeful the will wait until the certification goes through to give us our final certification.

09/24/14 – Refer to GBBN updated.

10/23/14 – LEED team receives Mid-Review Clarification letter via email. TEI indicates both requests related to their credits.

10/24/14 – TEI sends response back to USGBC.

11/05/14 – Mid Level Review responses due to USGBC for EAp2 and IEQp1. ThermalTech request extension after 3 clarifications for each prereq are still in the process of revision with USGBC.

11/19/14 – TEI sends Final Mid-Level responses back to USGBC concerning prereq credits EAp2 and IEQp1. After about one weeks worth of work at ThermalTech the revised prereq clarifications were sent back to USGBC.

11/28/14 – The LEED Team recommended the County accept the Certified level offered by USGBC given the cost, work, time and efforts involved in any Formal Inquiries about additional points that my be available. The chances are low that this building could reach Silver Level without significant capital cost involved in additional upgrades. HamCo accepts Certified Level, GBBN reports this decision to USGBC and the project is formally Certified Level at 43 points. Final Scorecard: Attempted | Awarded | Final Report. Congratulations to the entire team!!!