Project Lead: ThermalTech

08/29/12 – SOSS approved and PO received by ThermalTech. ThermalTech to work with BW and schedule kickoff to determine study schedule and needs.

09/26/12 – Initial daytime readings (Normal power) completed by ThermalTech on 9/25. Mike Barth reviewing findings and preparing night time night light and emergency light readings schedule. Coordinating with Darnell Edwards. Initial conclusions – most places are within guidelines, however, there are many areas that lighting is low and many other places where lighting levels are high.

10/31/12 – Night light night readings are scheduled to occur between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM on Thursday night, November 1st, 2012. Mike Barth of ThermalTech coordinated with building manager and Tony Matre for access to building. Upon completion of the survey, the results and report will be written up and sent to Bert Watts for review.

01/30/13 – All light readings have been complied and indicated on drawings. Report is in process and will be completed in next few weeks for Bert Watts to review.

04/24/13 – Review copy of report to be sent to BW by end of April for comments.

03/25/15 – TEI received BW review comments, and printed 3 copies of final report for Bert Watts. Final report delivered to BW on 03/20/15. Project complete and can be archived.