11/29/07 – Bert reported today that final pay application has been submitted for. This project could officially be closed out at this point. Bert has confirmed that the County has received the O&M’s and As-Builts sent by TTC at TEI.

11/16/07 – Lori contact TEI today about past due notices. TTC collected information and sent to Nor-Com saying that TEI would do as-builts and write deduct change order of $2000 for the job and Nor-Com has to provide a full warranty letter to HamCo. TEI finished the as-built and made a CD of the dwg. TEI finished the change order for a $2000 deduct. TEI sent both to Nor-Com to return to Bert Watts with the final warranty letter. TEI finished the as-builts and change and mailed to Nor-Com and the County. We are finished with this project.

10/18/07 – TTC opened and sign payapps 3 & 4 and sent final closeout paperwork to Bert for processing. This packet arrived sometime after 09/07 with the wrong zip code. All the certified payroll, closeout documents and payapps appear to be correct. TTC emailed everyone and said the job is ready to close.

06/07/07 – Lori from Nor-Com checked on status of payapps. I emailed back #1 show paid, #2 i need 3 originals and #3 i do not have a copy of.

05/31/07 – Closeout documents have not been sent. They were waiting to use the allowance money. MD directed Nor-com to close the job in an email and TTC forwarded that email to Mike Rolf.

05/30/07 – TEI does not believe they have received close out documents yet for this project. TTC contacted Mike Rolf.

03/30/07 – Punchlist is complete. There are no items from TEI or the owner at this point.

03/23/07 – TTC was on site today and took down punchlist items for Nor-Com. Currently there are no punchlist items for Nor-Com to correct.

03/15/07 – Nor-Com reported that cable work has begun in the space and that unit operation training is complete. 18 people attended including Phil Lambing from TE. Nor-Com will provide a more concrete completion date early next week.

03/14/07 – Nor-com was scheduled to begin work today and Vicom held their master training session for County employees this afternoon.

02/19/07 – Nor-Com is sending a new CD for submittal review on this project. TTC could not find the original.

02/08/07 – TE distributed Const Mtg notes for the pre construction and Const Mtg 01. TTC did not make the meeting in person but attended via a conference call.

02/01/07 – TTC sent MWH dwgs of the space for his use.

12/28/06 – TTC discussed kickoff meeting for this project and sent out another date because all previous dates have conflicts. We are now trying to have a kickoff meeting on Jan 4 at 9am at the 800 BWAY building. Norcomm has already sent in RFI’s on this project and proposed a solution to a DVR problem by downsized the 900 GB harddisk to allow for multiplexing of the signal to the DVR. This will have to be discussed at the kickoff meeting.

12/26/06 – TTC created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings.