04/26/07 – This project is complete and ready to be archived per the County Partnering Meeting.

01/05/07 – TTC has given the County everything they need to get the PO for this work and it will be done in house on this project. York has provided all the paperwork for sole source and quotes.

10/25/06 – Prebid Mtg today. DK showed up for prebid. TTC built the quotewire package and sent it to purchasing for bidding out just the purchase. TE has to send out an Addendum for bidding changes.

06/27/06 – Tony stated for us to get the electrical requirements together for the trades so they can do the work. TTC said he would get with TA and get this done.

05/05/06 – Mike D and TTC discussed recent information provided by York. Additional scope items and more electrical work that would have to subbed out on the job. TTC talked to service tech’s about doing this work and is trying to formulate a complete scope for the project.

04/26/06 – TTC reviewed the project scope with Tony, Mike Denton, Darnell Edwards, Bill Scholl and Tony Martini. Tony need further proof that this project should not be outsourced because o requirements on County Efficiency Committee.