02/15/08 – CRA followed up with DC and TM regarding status of FP info on 1/28/08 and 2/15/08.

12/06/07 – CRA left voicemail for Dale Crider asking about permit status.

11/13/07 – CRA forwarded permit correction letter to Dale Crider on 11/13/07 and 1/26/07.

11/08/07 – CRA has received the letter form the Plans Examiner requesting additional information for the fire suppression work related to section 903 and NFPA 13. CRA is currently addressing the issue.

10/12/07 – Building permit application was submitted.

10/04/07 – Design review meeting was held. J&FS confirmed that all construction work is to be performed by in-house trades. See Meeting Minutes here.

09/28/07 – Design Phase drawings are being prepared for 10/03/07 Owner review meeting.

09/20/07 – CRA received signed and approved SOSS.

08/27/07 – CRA submitted the SOSS.