05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

07/24/19 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  TEI, Facilities and JFS to conduct project kickoff meeting on 07/25/19 to begin project.

08/27/19 – ThermalTech emails Claude T to request 100% review meeting for a time on (or around) 09/11/19.  After final review comments, project will be issued for bidding.

09/25/19 – ThermalTech, HCFD, and JFS meet to review 100% documents.  HCFD send TEI federal procurement requirements.  TEI adds to the project manual and submits to HCFD for review by prosecutors office.  Project will be issued for bidding upon receipt of comments from the prosecutors.

10/30/19 – Project will be issued for bidding upon receipt of comments from the prosecutors.

12/11/19 – Project bids received, Glenwood Electric is apparent low bid on the project.  TEI vetted bid and submitted recommendation that HamCo proceed with authoring the contract with Glenwood.

01/28/20 – Upon approval of contract and issuance of PO to Glenwood Electric, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and the project construction will commence.

02/26/20 – Glenwood’s PO and contract approved.  Construction kickoff meeting scheduled for 02/27/20 at 1:00 PM.

03/26/20 – Construction kickoff pending the return of the background checks.

04/30/20 – Construction began – paused due to non-shipment of parts from MFGR.  Glenwood clarifying scope and working to get actual ship dates.

05/27/20 – Construction underway.  Control cabinets installed in basement through 7th floor on west end of the building.  Controllers installed on 6,5, and 4 on the est end of the building.  power supplies ordered and pending on time delivery, power supply install anticipated to start on or around June 1.  Anticipated project completion is end of June.