03/06/12 – ThermalTech Prebid finished and Fire Protection bids received.

03/26/12 – Drawings complete for permitting fo mechanical.

03/28/12 – Submit Mechanical and Electrical permits on Friday.

05/29/12 – TTC would like to try to get by with no return for Mike Denton’s office. If he keeps his door open 99% of the time it should be fine. He never had a return before. It that works, using a louver in the door might be a good option. If that is not acceptable, a transfer grille through the wall would require a fire damper. That corridor leads to the elevator and stairwell which makes it an egress path. TTC personally did not change the supply duct through the wall to not deal with that issue.

8/29/12 – Electrical final inspection and approval received week of 8/20/12 from IBI. Close out project.