04/05/07 – TE received final paperwork today from EDI. It will processed and sent to Kathy.

03/30/07 – Project is complete. We have requested closeout documents. New fan motors and air compressor were lifted up to roof on March 17 without incident.

09/16/06 – Security issues have finally been resolved. The new louvers are installed on the building. Door hardware appear to be working. The interior doors have been removed. Interior work should be very close to being complete and the jobs should be getting close to being closed out.

07/10/06 – Bid tabulation was sent to Dave Woodside with EDI as the apparent low bidder. TEI is writing the contract now to include the Alternate since we well under the $25,000 cap. This will provide a permanent platform into the penthouse. TTC also called EDI to discuss bid numbers and how the platform would be created and left on site.

06/23/06 – TEI distributed the prebid meeting minutes to all.

06/20/06 – Prebid meeting was held on site. JFS called after the meeting to tell me that I missed inviting RCME and Siemens. TTC contacted both individuals and gave them the documents for bidding and invited to meet them later on the site. TTC also contacted all vendors to discuss adding these two vendors to the bid.