01/07/19 – ThermalTech met onsite with BAC representative and reviewed condition of existing towers. TEI sent in an SOSS for the study for approval to Facilities later that day in hard copy and email.
01/21/19 – SOSS approved TTC setting up report and getting prices for replacement and repairs.
02/28/19 – All prices are in and preliminary report has been written. TTC to review, updated and send to Bert and Steve for their use.
03/27/19 – TTC must review final cost estimate tonight to share with County tomorrow.
04/25/19 – TTC will submit report today.
05/27/19 – Prices and Study submitted to County. Awaiting County decision on repairs.
06/27/19 – Talked to Tony Matre about bidding out the replacement of the cooling towers this year and he said check in with Bert about project viability. The schedule would be to start after cooling season and be complete prior to 2020 cooling season.
07/24/19 – Meeting schedule with County on 7/25 to discuss options. TTE fieldwork is complete for the cooling towers. PID has been converted to CAD for use on this project. There are questions about the design and cooling tower sizes to be discussed at Thursday meeting.
08/28/19 – Project is in to the owner for review. Funding is set for approval from JFS in August.
09/24/19 – Project undergoing some funding and County review. TTE will have project ready to bid when final okay comes from Owner, looking to mid November.
10/30/19 – Project on hold. TTC checked with lead times on Evapco towers who claim to still be two to three weeks.
12/11/19 – Had some movement on this project this week. TTE to submit a small SOSS for some additional services for extra design work.
12/12/19 – The money has been approved for this project but the paperwork is not fully approved at this time.
01/24/20 – ThermalTech putting final bid documents together for bidding in February 2020, award in spring, be read to construct in November 2020. TTC discussed project with Steve Terheiden last week on Ameresco walk through.
02/20/20 – SOSS and PO should be on their way for work in Feb/Mar.
03/19/20 – Prebid meeting at the site with about 6 bidders. Several items to be released on Addendum including a 6th Floor drawing clarifying sweeper piping.
04/23/20 – Bids were open to five bidders, most were underbudget. TEI conducted a post bid review with Debra Kuempel and found them to well recommended bidder for this project. They have the scope covered, would really like to start the job early if possible and have all of the Alternates covered in the bid.
04/28/20 – TTC spoke to Tony Matre about Alternates on this job and awarding the rest of the work. We will need contracts and a PO to get started, County thinking about allowing the CT to be replaced over the summer long weekend.