05/29/18 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to begin assembly of the SOSS for this project.  ADA Inclusion and THP Load Study must be included.
05/30/18 – IPM sends input to GBBN.  GBBN requests SOSS input from THP and ADA Inclusion Consultant.
06/25/18 – GBBN receives SOSS input from THP and Preview Group for inclusion into SOSS.
06/26/18 – GBBN delivers final SOSS to Facilities.
07/26/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from Facilities.
07/27/18 – GBBN informs all design team members of approval and returns signed copies of Proposals to each design team members.
08/13/18 – Facilities requests GBBN make revisions to the “Project Scope of Work and Schedule”  after consulting with all design team members.
08/15/18 – GBBN completes revisions to the “Project Scope of Work and Schedule” and transmits to Facilities.
08/30/18- GBBN to have internal design team meeting to kick-off Construction Document phase of project.
09/17/18 – GBBN begins Construction Document layout and production.
09/27/18 – Facilities requests GBBN and team put SOSS together for Construction Administration Phase 3 together.  GBBN constact IPM and Accessibility Consultant for Proposal.
09/28/19 – GBBN contacts Facilities about LEED component of Phase 3 SOSS.  Silver certification is requested.
10/04/18 – GBBN and TEI discuss LEED component of Phase 3 SOSS.  TEI reviews LEED C.I. Checklist for MEP involvement.
10/07/18 – GBBN has internal office meeting to discuss LEED C.I. possibilities for this project.  Findings shared with TEI.
10/16/18 – THP contacts GBBN about Floor Loading Study.  Requests more information on types, sizes and weights of existing file cabinets shown on Second Floor West.
10/17/18 – GBBN performs site visit to document and photograph existing file cabinets.  GBBN researches weights of fully loading file cabinets and reports findings to THP.
10/18/18 – IPM revises Second Floor layout to show a mirroring of West Side and East Side Departments to facilitate files moving from wood structure to steel frame structure.
10/21/18 – JFS approves IPM proposal to mirror the departments on the Second Floor.
10/24/18 – JFS reports additional changes to IPM/GBBN related to transaction Kiosks and Transaction Windows in Core, and cubicles on the West side, of Second Floor.
10/25/18 – THP completed initial field survey and review of the proposed floor plan. THP presented findings to GBBN for review with the County.  We discussed LEED-CI feasibility with County at Partner Mtg.  GBBN to submit a review of our findings that this building will not have enough credits to qualify for LEED certified and does not meet some of the pre-requisites for plumbing and water efficiency (an exemption would have to be requested).
11/02/18 – THP completed initial floor loading analysis of the proposed floor plan and published a summary letter.
01/14/19 – Entire Design Team meets to discuss project deliverables and scheduling in preparation for JFS and Facilities update meetings.
11/16/18 – THP developed a loading criteria and proposed a modified floor plan for review.
11/20/18 – THP and GBBN finalized a new plan to based on the loading criteria.
11/26/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and associated Purchase Order for Phase 3 of the project.
01/23/19 – GBBN and ADA Inclusion Consultant perform field verfication of all floors and spaces of entire buildings.
01/03/19 – Results of Mock-up Survey distributed to Design Team.
01/28/19 – GBBN/IPM/TEI meet with Facilities and JFS for Design Team update meeting.  Revised Project Schedule presented to all attendees.
02/04/19 – GBBN holds in-house LEED review meeting. Contacts TEI via teleconference to discuss LEED Certification possibilities and shortcomings.
02/05/19 – GBBN relays findings of LEED Certification review by GBBN/TEI to Facilities.
02/07/19 – JFS sends clarification email on status of “supervised visits” for the Visitation Conference Rooms.
02/24/19 – GBBN receives ADA Inclusion Study from The Preview Group.
02/25/19 – GBBN and IPM meet with Facilities and JFS for Design Team update meeting. Meeting Mintues from last meeting distributed. IPM presented their recommendations for furnishings of the Peripheral spaces to JFS. Clarifications were made related to JFS’s provisions of task chairs. GBBN presents update on ADA Inclusion Study and LEED update for the revised project scope. IPM sends latest updated electronic drawing files to GBBN for Room and Door Numbering purposes.
03/08/19 – IPM updates owner on outlet/data wiring types and locations for new proposed spaces.
03/20/19 – ADA Inclusion Study language modifications as requested by Facilites is negotiated.
03/22/19 – GBBN transmits new floor plans with room numbering and finish/room schedules ot JFS for Safe Harbor Committee use.
03/26/19 – Progress meeting held with Owner. New plans, with Room and Door Numbering completed. Room Schedules with room areas completed, three sections per floor, for Claude Toulson’s use.
03/28/19 – IPM confirms wall verses core drill outlet locations for new Conference Rooms. Owner review meeting held with Facilities and JFS.
03/29/19 – IPM completes preliminary Recycling Specification for Owner review.
04/01/19 – GBBN copies Phasor As-Built outlet/data locations for TEI on thumbdrive.
04/02/19 – GBBN and IPM confirm to TEI that the new systems furniture will have task lighting, LED which will replace the existing fluorescent task lighting on the existing stations. Not all existing workstations have task lights. Facilities confirms any future workstation whips/outlets should be included in this Bid Package. Location of new and/or relocated thermostats has been decided by Facilities.
04/11/18 – GBBN conducts on site field verification of hte existing reflected ceiling conditions. Facilities decides to match the 6th floor light well soffits on the other floors with existing windows located insidethe new Offices. TEI confirms this decision will not adversely affect the lighting of the Offices.
04/12/19 – GBBN informs IPM and Facilities the Fourth Floor Plans do not show the existing small stair in the Core leading up to the East Side.
04/15/19 – TEI sends specifications section for Mechanical discipline. Meeting held with Owner to review project status.
04/22/19 – IPM sends updates on floor plan changes for JFS requested changes.
04/24/19 – TEI attends progress meeting with facilities, IPM and JFS.  Reviewed MEP progress and left  progress copies for all in attendance.  TEI requested that IPM meeting to review every furniture power feed location.
05/06/19 – GBBN completes IPM Floor Plan and Furniture changes to the electronic drawing files. Copies of final plans sent to ThermalTech for their use as background drawings.
05/28/19 – Facilities confirms there will be no scope for the project related to “Safe Rooms”.
05/29/19 – IPM sends revisions to the Third Floor Plan to GBBN. ThermalTech drawings are mostly updated to last set of background drawings. HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing should be read to review end of week.
06/13/19 – GBBN/IPM/TEI attend Design Progress Meeting.
06/26/19 – GBBN sends updated background electronic drawing files with updates from recent field verification.
07/01/19 – Design Team is scheduled to present the Owner with Review set of latest documents for Owner Review.
07/08/19 – GBBN submits Owner Review Set with Specifications, to Facilities, two sets, for review.
07/10/19 – GBBN issues additional specification sections to Facilities to be added to the Owner Review Set.
07/19/19 – GBBN, TEI and IPM coordinate discussions about project schedule and agree to the concept of eight weeks per phase. GBBN reports decision to Facilities.
07/23/19 – IPM requested that GBBN add addtional verbiage, in the specifications, requiring all General Trades Contractors, submit detailed line item quotes for the systems furniture. The Architects and Consultants will be allowed to review these quotes, to determine compliance with the specification,s before bids are awarded..
07/24/19 – Conversations with Facilities agreed that this additional information be added to the Supplementary INstructions to Bidders, Post Bis Instruction, 6.1.2.
08/26/19 – Facilities informs the design team that Project specific Federal Bidding language will be forthcoming by the end of the month or in early September for inclusion i nto the specifications. Facilities will also plan on delivering any review comments, from the earlier Owner Review Set, to the design team at the same time.
09/23/19 – The design team requests a meeting with Facilities to discuss added scope from JFS to determine what additional esitmating input is required for Project Request Estimate update.
09/24/19 – A meeting has been established for Friday 9/27/19 at 10:00 am.
10/18/19 – GBBN and TEI complete Opinion of Probable Costs updates for all disciplines. All discipline updates are sent to Facilities for their use. Facilities reports that review of the upddates have resulted in the project still being on track and the Design Team may proceed in wrapping up the Bidding Issuance Documents.
12/04/19 – GBBN contacts Purchasing Department for ITB information. ITB Number is #005-20.
12/09/19 – GBBN field verification of Fifth Floor Core offices to be demolished.
12/11/19 – Drawing Index updated. 160 sheets in set. Specification updated for all disciplines.
12/12/19 – ITB drawings and specifications to be distributed to Purchasing and ARC.
12/20/19 – Pre-Bid meeting held at Alms and Doepke Building. Meeting Minutes generated, along with Sign-In Sheet and issued by Addenda #1.
01/03/20 – Addenda #1 released to ARC and Purchasing Department. Specifications, drawing and Question revisions issued.
01/16/20 – Addenda #2 released to ARC and Purchasing Department. Question and Answer deadlines moved back one week. Specification and Questions addressed.
01/31/20 – Addenda #3 scheduled to be released to ARC and Purchasing Department. Bid Opening to be moved back one week to 2/13/20 at 11:00 am.
02/13/20 – Bid Opening held by Purchasing Department. Four bids received. Apparent low bidder is Graybach.
02/14/20 – GBBN conducts bid Interview telephone with Graybach following the bid opening. Telephone memo authored and transmitted to Facilities Department. Irregularities in responses summarized at bottom of memo, including apparent low bidder’s inability to provided required detailed breakdown within 24 hours as required by project manual and addenda. Follow up email sent to Graybach accordingly.
02/14/20 – GBBN receives telephone call from Graybach with additional Bid Rejection Interview questions. Facilities emails answers for transmittance to Graybach.
02/15/20 – Pursuant to the request by the Facilities Department, GBBN contacts Graybach, LLC to inform them of the ruling jointly by the Facilities Department and the Purchasing Department finding their apparent low bid to be non-responsive.
02/15/20 – Bid Interview conducted with Triton Services, Inc. at the request of Facilities Department. Telephone Memo authored and transmitted to Facilities. Triton Services delivers detailed breakdown used in Bid preparation to GBBN and Interior Project Management aa requested by Facilities.
03/02/20 – Pre-Award Meeting is held. Owner indicates the Recycling and WiFi Alternate Bids were to be accepted. Minutes to be distributed by GBBN.
03/03/20 – Triton Services confirms the manufacturer of the WiFi System will be as specified by ThermalTech.
03/15/20 – GBBN authors and distributes the Pre-Award Meeting Minutes to all attendees.
03/16/20 – GBBN solicits the successful bidders actual bid construction cost figures for the General and Mechanical disciplines for the permit application. The digital electronic submittal is completed and the CD burned for delivery to the City of Cincinnati.
03/17/20 – GBBN delivers and submits the hard copy and digital electronic permit submittal to the City of Cincinnati, for both Building and Mechanical Permits.
06/04/20 – BOCC rejects ITB-005-20.