Partner Lead: GBBN
03/01/17 – GBBN – Hamilton County requested SOSS and indicates a separate F-Number be used.
04/11/17 – Facilities responds to GBBN scope questions.
04/13/17 – GBBN issues SOSS to Facilities.
06/29/17 – Meeting was held to review updates of Life Safety Drawings and explain concepts and fundamentals used in color selection and hatching determination. The color of orange and blue were chosen due to each being located across the color wheel from each other for greater contrast.
07/11/17 – Facilities confirms the plan views in the CAFM drawings are to be rotated “accordance with their position so left and right are always true to the egress path.
08/23/17 – GBBN forwards to Risk Management Safety Department the GBBN modified Alms & Doepke Life Safety Plans for internal review.
08/24/17 – Risk Management Safety Department approves GBBN modified Alms & Doepke Life Safety Plans.
11/30/17 – Drawings have been received from GBBN. Facilities coordinating with existing frames and carpenters’ will mount on the wall and rotate as necessary.