09/02/16 – Letter from Mr. Michael Patton of JFS giving update
06/07/17 – BOCC votes to approve the project for JFS.
06/21/17 – BOCC votes to approve the Meeting Minutes of the 06/07/17 Board Meeting.
06/23/17 – Facilities suggests Design Team begin thinking about an SOSS or SOSS’s for this project.
06/24/17 – GBBN contacts IPM and TEI to discuss ideas for numbers and durations of SOSS. Potential Agenda document circulated by GBBN.
05/26/16 – Facilities sends back Agenda review comments to GBBN. Facilities requests possible dates for Kick-off Meeting from Design Team.
07/24/17 – GBBN, IPM and TEI attended a kick-off and status meeting with Facilities and JFS. A SOSS was requested from the Design Team for the Phase I, Schematic Design and Programming Phase of this project.
07/31/17 – GBBN and TEI send to Facilities an inquiry about Systems Furniture Wire configurations. Facilities responds indicating the 3 circuit configuration is acceptable.
08/04/17 – Facilities responds to GBBN’s questions about scope and renderings for the SOSS.
08/08/17 – GBBN receives SOSS data and input from IPM and TEI for the Phase I Schematic Design and Programming Phase.
08/10/17 – GBBN authors and delivers the SOSS to Facilities.
09/14/17 – GBBN and IPM have meeting with JFS to re-engage on discussions related to logistics and scheduling on project.
09/15/17 – GBBN issues Meeting Minutes to Design Team and owner for review.
10/25/17 – Meeting with JFS for Children’s Services A&D Interiors Programming Meeting to include discussions with the Executive team followed by discussions with the division which is located on 4th floor, 5th floor, and some of 6th floor.
11/28/17 – IPM updates Facilities on status of project and Design Team meetings with JFS.
01/25/18 – 2nd Floor, from 3rd Floor completed.  More Offices/Conference Rooms have been requested on these floors as well as the 5th/6th.  This extra scope of adding more privacy offices, stacked by floors, will be investigated.  THP will be needed as a consultant to investigate File Storage Capacity.  ADA consultant will be required for ADA Comprehensive Audit Reviews.  Cost estimating will be required after IPM completes Design Layouts for each floor to determine of costs for high cubes or hard-wall offices to ceiling are more effective.  The SD  SOSS will be reviewed to determine if additional scope can be absorbed or not.  All programming documents will be distributed to All Groups for review by May of 2018.
02/22/18 – 2,4,5 finished, 3 is drafted, others are being updated, project going well.
04/09/18 – IPM requests additional fees to continue programming due to JFS increased scope creep.  IPM sends proposal to GBBN for SOSS preparation.
04/11/18 – IPM issues project update for JFS meetings and decisions rendered.
04/16/18 – Meeting with Design Team and Facilities to discuss project status and schedule for the remainder of the project.  IPM distributes the latest floor plan layouts to each party.
04/18/18 – GBBN/THP/IPM discuss file groupings and storage relative to a Load Study to be performed by THP.
04/26/18 – Meeting update stated that final drawings are in approval stage by JFS. Once the executive group signs off on these drawings the plans will be ready for the partners. They are trying to gain efficiencies in people relocation and keeping storage with each group. Use LEED approach for this project, make it green as possible and we will probably go after LEED-CI. Provide SD documents and two estimates, one for LEED and one for standard.
05/16/18 – Facilities circulates the final schematic Phase 1 drawings, created by IPM, as approved by the JFS Executive Committee.
05/17/18 – TEI sends SOSS input to GBBN for the Phase 2 portion of the project.
05/23/18 – Facilities indicates LEED may be a component of this project.  GBBN discuss internally what the scope of work will be for Certifying this project.  This information is shared with the design team.
05/24/18 – GBBN, IPM, TEI and Facilities meets to discuss the remainder of the project.  GBBN presents the finalized Preliminary Design and Construction Schedule for the project.
05/29/18 – IPM sends to GBBN the SOSS input for the “Mock-Up Only” SOSS.
05/30/18 – IPM sends to GBBN the SOSS input for the remainder of the Phase 2 (through CD’s) project.
5/30/18 – Facilities confirms JFS has requested the Approved Standard Cubicle “B”, also referred to as the “Field Office Cube Configuration”, be the typical workstation to be used for the Mock-Ups.