02/19/07 – Change Order for project was rejected by Owner. TTC has received O&M manuals for sump pump from Ginter and they are being sent down to the county for this project. Final payapps have been received and are being sent to the County today.

12/26/06 – Aside from final pay applications being approved the project is complete. All O&M’s have been submitted. Queen City is getting the allowance but no additional monies from the work. TTC archived the project.

11/30/06 – TTC approved Ginter11/27/06 – final paperwork and O&M’s from QCM have been received for this project. QCM submitted a change order over the cost of the allowance. It is my understanding that the County is not willing to pay extra as the contractor were allowed to visit the site during the prebid and were allowed to see the amount of work involved in cleaning the pit out for the new sump.

08/24/06 – Pre Construction Meeting Minutes Distributed. All submittals have been approved. Stiles has been working with contractor on power connections & requirements. PDF

05/25/06 – Project was rebid. Queen City won the mechanical package. Ginter won the electrical package. Contracts were mailed to Mark Hardin today for approval on this project.

04/26/06 – Project will be rebid as two packages. TEI will send out new books for PC right away and building new EC books for their bid ASAP.

04/24/06 – The bids came back. They were much higher than originally budgeted. TTC discussed with Mark Hardin and Mark Donnelly. Because the electrical bids were much higher that $5000, TEI will have to rebid that portion and get new cost directly from the EC’s. TEI will rebid the PC portion to remove the EC subcontractor and get new prices back for that.

04/11/06 – TEI release addendum 01 tonight. The project manual was completely redone. The drawings were also completely redone. The new bid date is April 19th at Noon. The project manual now includes all the electrical as well as the drawings. The plumbing was redesigned to include field findings at the prebid meeting.

03/30/06 – Prebid meeting was held on site. Many new details were uncovered. The electric will have to come from the elevator room over the ceiling and down to the sump pump. TEI has to updated the plans for addendum01. TEI has to relocate the sump on the plans, provide power routing to the sump, add a submersible convenience outlet six feet above the sump location, add the confined space notes (to be reviewed by county), add the safety note that the county will review the winning contractors safety policy for confined space, and add a high water level alarm. TTC does not see a need to extend the bid date or question date for this project. TEI will collect the bids and tabulate them for the owner.

03/20/06 – Mark called today to say that the County won’t provide access into the building for the contractors due to liability issues. TTC called Grady Reed and discussed confined space requirements and Grady suggested that we take away all the safety issues creating confined space and then let the contractors work in the space more like a normal space. One way in/out doesn’t necessitate a confined space but the Owner can assign a more strict requirement than OSHA if they like and the contractor must abide by that.

03/16/06 – TEI met with THP about providing the MEP services for the sump pump. After much discussion, the County decided that TEI could bid out the sump in a small project bid and then get that work done ahead of time.

002/16/06 – SOSS was submitted on 2006 Project Estimate Meeting but no further information has been received.