08/22/16 – Bert Watts requested GBBN contact Tony Matre to discuss a potential re-keying project for this facility.
08/24/16 – A voice mail was left with Tony to make initial contact.
08/30/16 – A kick-off meeting was held with JFS, Facilities, GBBN and Assa Abloy to discuss keying options and electronic security locking devices. A site walk through was held to allow Assa Abloy to view existing door hardware types.
08/30/16 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities for the project.
09/06/16 – Facilities requests another copy of the SOSS Coversheet with updated SOSS number.
09/22/16 – Facilities requests literature to document various Keying Master/Grand Master options, Pros and Cons along with an estimate for the rekeying, without any door maintenance, based on the 307 existing doors listed on the spreadsheet by the Building Manager earlier and sent to GBBN. Assa Abloy estimated 30% of the existing doors were panic hardware for this exercise.
09/23/16 – Assa Abloy sends Opinion of Probable Cost estimate for re-keying and the schematic documents relaying the Master Keying options to GBBN. GBBN forwards the information to Facilities via email.
10/12/16 – GBBN authors revised SOSS and delivers to Facilities.
11/28/16 – RFP received from four vendors. Bid Tabulation compiled by GBBN and sent to Tony Matre.
12/01/16 – GBBN instructs Acme they have been selected as the Low Responsible Bidder. GBBN authors AIA contract and delivers to Tony Matre.
12/5/16 – GBBN contacts Acme concerning bidding questions to complete bid recommendations to Owner.
01/10/17 – GBBN confirmed fee is exhausted and henceforth GBBN has completed all obligations. Assa Abloy contacted by GBBN about representing the Owner at the Keying Meeting.
01/26/17- Keying meeting held at A&D with Acme Lock and Assa Abloy. Drawings from bid set are to be used for the proper door numbering to be used on the documentation. Existing malfunctioning card reader in basement stair will be repaired by Maintenance and not part of this project. All drawings and specification section sent to Tony Matre for future use.
03/10/17 – Inquiries were received by GBBN relative to recent meetings and keying schedules between JFS and Assa Abloy. Steve Sears reports to GBBN that Acme Lock still has not received all their Background Checks to begin working onsite. He mentioned JFS is still conduction internal discussions related to input needed by Acme for the keying hierarchy requirements. /Steve felt the process was still moving forward. GBBN reported this information to Assa Abloy.
09/14/17 – GBBN holds impromptu meeting with Assistant Building Manager. The Keying Project is scheduled to soon begin fabrication once final submittals are approved.
11/18/17 – Last we’ve heard they are working on the cores or shipping them. Keep on project list for coordination for A&D Furniture job.
02/22/18 – Project complete, need to decide what to do with old keys. 15 minute changeover to new keying system. Project ready to archive.