05/16/18 – Design Team is notified that JFS has signed off on the latest IPM Floor Plan designs for all floors of Systems Furniture layouts.  GBBN is asked to put together a  preliminary schedule for the entire project including design.

05/24/18 – Design team and Facilities meets in Kick-off meeting to discuss scope of work.  GBBN presents Preliminary Schedule.

05/30/18 – GBBN is notified by Facilities that JFS desires to have the mock-ups located in the Field Office Configuration.  Exact locations to be determined.  Standard configuration ‘B’ later chosen.

06/14/18 – SOSS is completed and submitted to Facilities.  F058A is designated for the SOSS.

06/21/18 – SOSS approved and delivered to GBBN by Facilities.

07/05/18 – Decision was made to pull new workstation mock-ups from existing walls to allow staff to completely walk around the cubicles.  No whips will be connected to the building system so  no permitting is required.

07/06/18 – Meeting between Facilities and Design Team to finalize scope and deliverables.

07/11/18 – No Alternate Bids are required in the specifications.

07/13/18 – All three selected contractors have confirmed interest in the project.  Documents are to be completed and issued.

07/16/18 – Facilities agrees to sixty (60) calendar days for receipt of Small Bid Packages from bidders.

07/19/18 – Documents are emailed to the three pre-selected bidders by Facilities.

07/26/18 – Pre-Bid Meeting to be held at Alms and Doepke Building Lobby.

08/03/18-  GBBN issues Addenda #1 to bidders including the Pre-Bid Meeting Minutes.

08/10/18 – Bid Opening is held at CAB 5th Floor Purchasing Office.  Three (3) bids are received.

08/11/18- GBBN interviews KFI by telephone and confirms complete understanding of scope of work.  GBBN makes recommendation to Facilities to accept KFI as Lowest and Responsive Bidder.

08/13/18- GBBN makes revisions to AIA contract and delivers to Facilities.

08/28/18- Facilities mails copies of approved AIA contracts to KFI for their signature and Insurance requirement confirmations.

09/20/18 – Pre-Construction Meeting held at A&D Building.  Facilities requests Background and Tax Exempt Package to be sent to KFI.

09/21/18 – Facilities sends Tax Exempt Package to KFI.

09/24/18 – Facilities sends Background and Tax Exempt Package to KFI.

10/16/18 – KFI sends Sales and Use Tax Construction Contract Exemption Certificate.

12/06/18 – GBBN authorized Application for Payment #1 and delivers to Facilities.

12/11/18 – GBBN authorized Application for Payment #2 and delivers to Facilities.

12/14/18 –  KFI onsite for repalcement of existing damaged worksurface.  Incorrect surface was delivered.  Vendor authorizes order for correct damaged worksurface replacement.

1/18/19 – KFI onsite to replace damaged worksurface countertop.  All work is successfully completed.  Facilities agrees to closeout project.