05/02/08 – After much discussion the UPS project has finally moved forward with Banta winning the bid at 18,100 with a fused disconnect. There was a lot of time spent in emails and discussion on whether this bid was valid and if JFS wanted to accept the fused disconnect offer which came in well under $25,000. Kathy contacted TEI this week to inform us it was. TEI wrote the contracts and mailed them out to Sheila Bass today so they will be in Monday’s mail. The bid tab was sent out to the contracts as such PDF. Banta was informed to send 3 bid packets to Sheila for processing.

12/03/07 – TEI had a meeting with JFS today. Scheme and price seem acceptable. Larry Mitchell asked TEI to forward dwgs to him for giving to County Electrical trades to see if this was work they would want to do. TTC sent these dwgs and specs to Larry, Dale and Bert at 5pm on Monday. If County does work, TEI will get permit for them.

11/30/07 – TEI scheduled a meeting with Dale Crider to go over the final design on the project. Nick V and Nate C have been working on the redesign of this project and have an under $25,000 project ready to bid out for the County for this work.

04/27/07 – Project is still on HOLD.

04/20/07 – Project is still on HOLD.

04/13/07 – Project is still on HOLD.

04/05/07 – Project has bee put on HOLD until further notice.

03/30/07 – Obtaining valid background drawings from Archibus due to other avenues have been exhausted.

03/23/07 – Project is progressing as expected.

03/20/07 – TE trying to obtain electric as-builts for building. TE has acquired architectural backgrounds.

03/07/07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings. Kickoff meeting was held on location. Attendees include Kathy Bushbacher, Charlie Hodge, Dale Crider, Terry Allgeyer and John Penn. Information given to TE; information is being evaluated. TE is trying to obtain electronic copies of the building architectural drawings in order to develop drawings.