06/16/11 – Bert Watts indicated this Project Request should be broken into eight (8) separate SOSS’s based on each of the separate buildings.
06/17/11 – SOSS submitted in person to Bert Watts.
09/16/11 – Signed SOSS – from Bert Watts.
02/27/12 – GBBN inquired with David Holland of Otis Elevator about ADA compliance options and pricing guidelines.
09/13/12 – Report completed and sent to Bert Watts for review. Estimating portion of study yet to be completed.
08/24/13 –¬†Estimating completed on the impacts of the ADA Assessments.
02/26/14 – Assessment report has now been fully reviewed and finalized. The cost estimate component is now in the preliminary stage of completion.
10/13/15 – Bert Watts requests that all Assessments be completed by the first of the upcoming year.
12/03/15 – Assessments completed, printed and three sets delivered to Bert Watts.
12/15/15 – Facilities report to GBBN that Preliminary Cost Estimate portion of reports have incorrect references to County Administration Building.
01/08/16 – GBBN picks up reports from Facilities for making corrections.
04/18/16 – Facilities sends Estimating Project Requests showing the cost estimating portion of these Assessments as listed projects.
06/28/16 – Opinions of Probable Costs for the implementation of the ADA Assessment findings were entered into Archibus as a Project Request Estimate.
03/23/17 – GBBN and Facilities agree to have Assessments completed at the same time as the Annual Estimating Project Requests.
07/24/17 – GBBN printed all Archibus Project Request Estimates from 2016 (#801, 802, #627 and #804) and 2018 (#1862, #1851 and #1831) for inclusion into final reports.
10/25/17 – GBBN has final Project Request Estimates completed for insertion into final reports.