Partner: GBBN

05/04/11 – Bert Watts notified GBBN of prospective project via email.

05/19/11 – GBBN attended the SWOBOA seminar in new ADA requirements.

06/16/11 – Bert Watts indicated this Project Request should be broken into eight (8) separate SOSS’s based on each of the separate buildings. See the SOSS’s F045 through F052 below.

02/12/12 – Otis Elevator declines to assist GBBN in Elevator Assessment due to liability reasons. Suggests local consultant for assistance.

08/21/12 – GBBN completes last ADA Assessment Report for the Courthouse.

08/28/12 – GBBN begins estimating portion of Assessment Reports.

08/24/13 – GBBN completes estimating impacts of ADA Assessment findings on each building.

02/26/14 – Assessment report has now been fully reviewed and finalized. The cost estimate component is now in the preliminary stage of completion.