by Champlin Champlin

07/10/20 – on site review. Authorized to proceed on CH only.
08/27/20 – One and Two flagpole settings discussed.
09/09/20 – Estimate and cut sheets uploaded on to Archibus.
10/29/20 – approved to proceed on adding two flagpoles at Courthouse.  Need to measure actual height of existing pole
11/20/20 – RFP sent to Megen Construction, James Hunt Construction and Triton Services
11/24/20 – Prebid Meeting at Courthouse
12/01/20 – Addendum 1 issued
12/08/20 – Bids received. Triton is apparent low bidder.
12/09/20 – Zoom meeting with Triton to review scope and vet bid. Official Letter of Recommendation sent to County