Partner Lead: GBBN

11/30/16 – GBBN issues SOSS to Facilities.

12/15/16 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from Facilities.

12/6/16 – GBBN visits site with Facilities and photos and takes measurements for field verification.

12/14/16 – Drawings issued for permitting.

12/15/16 – GBBN completes drawings for owner review. GBBN receives drawings and Mechanical Permit application from TEI. GBBN performs new City of Cincinnati Building Department Same Day Permit Walk Through processes. Permit and approved permit is delivered to Facilities.

12/27/16 – Terry and John meet on site to discuss extra sprinkler location. TTC states that sprinkler is not need given the actual wall layout, it is exactly 7′-6″ from interior wall. This should save some money. If city requires and ECO, TTE and GBBN will take care of this at final inspection.

01/25/17 – IBI final electrical inspection passed, and tag placed on serving panelboard.

01/27/17 – Project is complete, waiting on the closeout documents from everyone. Ready to due as-builts.

02/01/17 – Revised energy impact study sent to Bert Watts for review. Small savings but ThermalTech used HAP to generate the savings and it matched the original estimate.

02/23/17 – John to send ThermalTech as-built markups for this job.