12/20/07 – Approved final electrical permit has been received.

11/06/07 – Punchlist completed.

09/28/07 – Pre-Const meeting held 09/18. Signed contract & Notice to Proceed issued. CRA received and approved shop drawings.

09/19/07 – TTC emailed the IBI permit to MD with the paid balance recorded and the permit number.

09/05/07 – Nick Richmond wrote in an email to Mark Donnelly “We have completed the plan review for this project. Mike Huntwork will be dropping of payment for permit tomorrow. On his way back from IBI he will be stopping by your office and dropping off (3) full sets of the drawings for this project. (1)set is for you, (1) set is for Bert, and (1) set is for trades.”

08/06/07 – CRA received Prosecutor comments including comments on Supple Conditions.

07/27/07 – GC Contract (including Alternate #1) sent to Mark Donnelly.

07/18/07 – CRA submitted the Building Permit Application to the City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

07/09/07 – Bids received. Evaluation complete.

06/29/07 – This project has moved out to bid. Addendum # 01 has been issued.

06/08/07 – TE received drawings form Cole & Russell. This project has moved into the Design Phase. Drawings have been set up and TE has investigated where to get power for the new door openers. TE will perform a site visit early next week.

05/01/07 – 3 drawing packages authorized: signage, trade & bid. CRA issued for Signage and Trades. Existing door closers cannot be adjusted to required closer pressure so eliminated from project.

04/27/07 – TE awaiting drawings from Cole & Russell.

04/20/07 – TE still awaiting notice to proceed.

04/13/07 – TE still awaiting notice to proceed.

04/06/07 – TE still awaiting notice to proceed.

03/30/07 – Meeting was held to assess final requirements. Awaiting notice to proceed.

03/23/07 – Next meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday. Cost estimates will be provided by TE CRA.

03/20/07 – Kickoff meeting complete. CRA building study is being revisited for newer additional ADA. See CRA website.

03/14/07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings. Meeting minutes from the kickoff meeting held the week of March 5 have been issued to project team from Tom Kamphake today via email.