04/07/08 – Pre-Award meetings are complete. CRA and TEI sent out copies of the meeting minutes too project members. Letters of recommendation are forthcoming from the partners. CRA is submitting for the HVAC and Building permits today. TEI is submitting for the IBI permit tomorrow. Kevin Maue is supposed to send TEI a release note on the Data Aire unit with Debra Kuempel. A pre const mtg should be scheduled in late April. KM stated that a Notice to Proceed letter should come out on or about May 8th.

03/28/08 – Bid Results are published. PDF

2/07/07 – CRA furniture and move services package ready for issue.

11/30/07 – TEI has the pre-purchase specs on the street for the UPS and the Computer Room AC Unit. These pre-purchase bids are scheduled to be opened on 12/5 at the HamCo Purchasing offices. We have decided to push back a design review meeting until after the equipment is purchased so final design will be exact.

10/30/07 – Meeting was held to review the proposed layouts. See Meeting Minutes here. The next meeting is scheduled for December 4, 2007 at 10:00 AM at 3rd Floor of C.A.B. Auditor’s Office.

10/09/07 – Meeting was held to review the proposed layouts and to discuss project construction phasing. HCFD stated that the project would bid around January 2008. This will allow construction to start around March 2008. See Meeting Minutes here.

10/01/07 – Meeting was held as scheduled. HCFD requested that C+RA, IPM and TEI issue a CD Owner Review Set on 10-05-07. See Meeting Minutes here.

09/28/07 – CRA has a coordination meeting with Mark Donnelly scheduled for 10/01/07.

09/19/07 – TEI had a coordination meeting with CRA on HVAC, Elec and Fire Protection. TEI has to update to CRA latest floor plans and then incorporate the furniture into the project. TEI is behind on finalizing the computer room layout with Stewart but TTC has scheduled a field trip to the space on Friday to go over HVAC changes, fire protection changes and electrical changes to the space. We also have to route chilled water line from the mechanical room to the auditor computer room. MD asked for drip pans under the city water unit and the liebert unit. TK sent a new sent of final floor plans over for our use. TTC gave everything to Chris and Mike to update.

07/26/07 – Restart meeting was held. CRA and IPM are working on re-program and concept layout. Target dates are: August 8 review meeting, September 3 out to Bid.

06/27/07 – Project is on hold but may recommence soon. Awaiting authorization to start.

06/20/06 – Project is on hold due to funding problems.

06/06/06 – CRA Schematic Design documents and estimate have been completed and approved.

05/22/06 – CRA received the signed SOSS.

04/17/06 – CRA submitted the SOSS.

04/07/06 – Kick-off meeting was held. Field verification and photographs were taken.