Partner Lead: ThermalTech

05/07/13 – Met Geiler on site to discuss steel stack issues.

05/21/13 – Met Van Packer & Geiler on site to discuss removal of the Van Packer stack vs the standard 1/4″ steel stack. We asked Geiler for a change order to remove the entire stack. Regardless of what we do with the existing stack we told Geiler that we wanted to do the EGEN exhaust stack work in this phase.

06/25/13 – Geiler cannot find a contractor willing to take down the stack. ThermalTech asked for a 2 week schedule to put the EGEN exhaust modification in for the base bid work. We will have to address the remaining funds as a deduct change order.

08/19/13 – We had Pinnacle check the EGEN stack and muffler for asbestos. All samples came back clean. Geiler required that report in writing. Tony Matre provided to contractor.

08/26/13 – Coredrills are complete. EGEN exhaust has been rerouted through outside wall. SS end cap and birdscreen is installed. 10″ sleeve is installed but needs to be trimmed back. Insulation needs to be reinstalled. ThermalTech instructed Geiler to get a change order price from R&P in Lexington to do the work. We will decide on a change order after Tony sees how much money is left in budget at end of fiscal year 2013.

09/26/13 – ThermalTech informed Geiler to wrap up EGEN work and provide a credit for the boiler stack work. This scope will be rebid this year.

10/01/13 – THP issued SOSS.

10/09/13 – Hamilton issued executed SOSS.

10/18/13 – THP issued drawings to TTE.

10/29/13 – TEI sent out back punchlist items to Geiler and asked for project closeout.

01/24/14 – TTC contacted Geiler for final closeout and gave them a deadline of 1/27 at 4pm for closeout documents.

02/24/14 – Project still not closed out. TTC will contact Geiler again.

03/21/14 – Geiler came down to finish the insulation and was held up by someone. Tony said it was the County that stopped them. TTC asked Doug to find out who stopped them but I have not heard back yet.

04/04/14 – Geiler has come back two more times to work on insulation and replace one sprinkler head. We are still waiting for final closeout and change order documents.

05/22/14 – Punchlist completed. Waiting on County approval to closeout.

06/02/14 – Geiler contacted again for closeout docs. Doug Weberding says it will be soon.

07/30/14 – Geiler sent closeout docs to Tony but Payapp and change order are both wrong. TTC sent revised Payapp and new change order to Geiler for signatures.

08/15/14 – Geiler inquired about final payment. TTC forwarded to Tony.