12/26/16 – Contract sent to Tony for approval on this project.
01/26/17 – DK says controls will be done my same team as controls project. Gleason has sent all required paperwork to Tony.
02/01/17 – Project kickoff to be schedule soon. CHW pump size will need to be coordinate with new chiller.
02/16/17 – Kicked off project with Tony, Bert and Gilbert. We are collecting chiller information now and rates for LCC equations. We will choose the chiller during the LCC and design around one chiller during design.
03/09/17 – Pump is on hold pending new size from LCC equations.
03/15/17 – Emailed Dave Gleason for update as work was supposed to begin last week and be done by end of March.
03/21/17 – Tony talked to Dave and they are starting next week with pipe fitting work. Steve Yockey is waiting on TEI to provide new pump size for selection work.
04/11/17 – ThermalTech provides new bypass size and flow for DK to install the bypass.
04/26/17 – TTC checked in with Dave Gleason on progress. Given the cooling season is here, they are going to have to work weekends and off time to fix these issues. The new bypass size was sent to DK but I do not know if it was installed yet.
05/02/17 – TTC checked up on project again with DK for progress.
05/25/17 – Debra stated they will replace the pumps and piping at the same time, later in June.
06/28/17 – Met Debra today on project update and they are getting employees finalized for this project understanding it will be weekend work at this point. Pumps are on order, VFD”s are a new change order, TTC to give to Tony, will be from new project on new PO for up charges.
07/18/17 – Met with Design time to redesign the piping for the new larger pumps on teh CT and CHLR job. Spoke with the manufacturer about sizes and head. Debra submitted new change order for entire project. TTC to estimate the entire job again for Bert with Construction budgets.
08/10/17 – We are waiting for the weather to break to start the pump replacement.
08/26/17 – Debra to drain system and install isolation valves Saturday but this was postponed due to material arrival issues. They will try the week after Labor Day.
09/25/17 – Isolation valves are installed and working. DK needs to insulated still. TTC met with DK and went over remainder of project on site. The scope of the original project lines up perfect with the chiller replacement project except this project does not need to install the bypass piping on the fifth floor. The CHW pumps will be installed by DK in this project, the VFD”s and submittals must be ordered ASAP, and the change orders have been sent for approval to DK and the County.
11/2/17 – Pump replacement work is schedule for December 2017. Debra is currently on site and working on this job.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – Only insulation remains to be completed. DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/25/18 – Debra stated that all work on this project is complete including insulation.  Final paperwork is being completed by DK now for all closeout paperwork.  The final invoices are being delivered to Tony with a cover letter or remaining items.
08/02/18 – TTC inspected all final work including insulation and it looks really good.  No additional punchlist items.  Project is ready to archive.