Partner Lead: THP

08/29/13 – County requested SOSS to provide repairs to the Terracotta at the first and second floors.

09/09/13 – THP met with Mike Florimonte to discuss scope and review the conditions.

09/13/13 – THP issued SOSS and Tony Matre verbally authorized work to begin.

09/23/13 – THP completed field survey.

09/25/13 – THP completed rappelling survey.

10/02/13 – THP issued Owner Review documents.

10/10/13 – Bid Documents Issued.

10/18/13 – Prebid Conference.

10/24/13 – Addendum #1 Issued.

10/30/13 – Bid Opening completed with five contractors under the budget. County reviewing bid proposals.

11/05/13 – ZSR Construction was the low bidder.

11/11/13 – THP sent AIA contracts to the County for review.

02/20/14 – County returned marked up Contract to THP for final publication.

02/21/14 – THP sent updated Contract to ZSR.

02/25/14 – ZSR sent completed contract and forms to THP.

02/25/14 – THP sent final contract documents to County for execution.

03/27/14 – ZSR has received an executed contract. ZSR and County need to schedule the start up.

04/01/14 – ZSR submitted submittals to THP.

04/07/14 – THP returned submittals to ZSR.

04/10/14 – ZSR submitted a construction schedule. Mobilization and work is planned to start 6/2/14.

05/29/14 – Waiting on project to start.

06/16/14 – ZSR started work. Terra cotta and concrete repairs in progress on West and South elevations. Work is occurring at night to keep entrances open and minimize noise and dust interruptions. Expected completion date is end of July.

07/31/14 – ZSR completed all repair work. ZSR working on coating work.

08/15/14 – Construction is complete.

08/18/14 – Pay Applications 1 and 2 delivered to Tony Matre.

08/19/14 – Concrete patch included paint to match surrounding area. THP rejected the patch application as not matching. ZSR completed a second paint application and Tim Bennett noted the match was acceptable to THP. THP recommend, County review the color match prior to accepting the coating color.

09/25/14 – ZSR completed all repair work. THP awaiting warranty/closeout paper work and final pay application.

10/13/14 – ZSR submitted all closeout warranty paper work and final pay applications to THP. THP forwarded approved closeout paper work to the County.

10/16/14 – Closeout paper work and final pay application submitted.

01/29/15 – Project complete.