Partner Lead: GBBN

04/08/15 – Kick-off Meeting with Bert Watts to review site and discuss scope.

04/08/15 – AFSS scope clarified with ThermalTech related to placement of new wall related to existing sprinkler heads.

04/10/15 – GBBN sends door hardware schedule to Facilities for purchase of door and frame. GBBN coordinates electrical scope for door hardware access control with ThermalTech.

04/15/15 – GBBN and ThermalTech provided notes and code interpretations for the owner to self-perform work on the existing spaces to fast occupancy. We will continue to support the owner as permit and construction questions arise.

04/17/15 – Drawings were issued for permit which include General Architectural and Electrical Drawings. GBBN attempts a walk-through permit. Minor door hardware corrections requested related to access control code section 1008.1.4.4.

04/21/15 – GBBN revises drawings and resubmits to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections. Plans Examiner requires change to owner requested pull station for access control hardware.

04/22/15 – GBBN revises drawings and resubmits to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections and obtains Building Permit during walk-through inspection. Building Permit delivered to Facilities Department. Building Permit #2015P02980.

05/26/15 – TEI picked up and dropped off to Facilities Department the Electrical Permit from IBI, permit Number CIC1501884.

07/22/15 – Install substantially complete, and TEI drafted a letter to John Nester with electrical loading information outlining the field changes that occurred and the effects that the field changes had on the service calculations. John Nester stated that trades electricians will submit to IBI on final inspection.

08/27/15 – JCI extending relay to door in space for fire alarm interface.

09/24/15 – At Partner Meeting, we said project was pretty much complete. Is it ready to archive?

10/28/15 – Project read to archive?