12/07/07 – CRA sent contracts to BW on 11/29/07.

11/30/07 – The bids have been opened and although, TEI wasn’t at the bid opening, we believe HCG may have won the bid. CRA would have to confirm.

11/15/07 – CRA BW directed to prepare contracts for HGC.

11/12/07 – TTC and MH has sent out Addendum 01 through CRA. The bid opening is 11/15. Zach sent Addendum out for bidders. Addendum included information on relocating and interior light switch and alarm security panel by the EC while the owner has agreed to have the HVAC sensors moved by JCI or by their HVAC team.

10/30/07 – Pre-bid meeting held at C.A.B. first floor lobby at 1pm.

10/19/07 – Bid documents completed. Bid issuance date is 10/23/07.

09/25/07 – Cost estimate entered into Archibus.

09/14/07 – CRA received drawings from TEI. Drawings updated. Awaiting approval to complete and issue for permit.

08/28/07 – CRA issued DD drawings.

08/02/07 – Project being resurrected. Kickoff meeting was held.