Partner Lead: GBBN/IPM

07/23/15 – Bert Watts contacts GBBN about Kick-off Meeting. GBBN reviews attached documents and requests clarifications.

10/28/15 – GBBN and IPM meet with King Lighting to review scope of work at site.

11/03/15 – GBBN and IPM meet with King Lighting to place sample light fixtures on columns at site. Summary of discussions and decisions sent to Facilities.

11/04/15 – Cost Estimate for Auto Title Door project sent to Facilities.

11/05/15 – GBBN consults Facilities about lighting level issues at north elevator bank verses south elevator bank.

12/07/15 – King Lighting sends final cost estimate and fixture cuts to IPM for lighting upgrade recommendations.

12/07/15 – GBBN contacts directory vendor for estimates on directories for Elevator Lobbies.

12/08/15 – ThermalTech delivered cost estimate for installing extra power and installation for new light fixtures.

12/09/15 – GBBN and IPM to meet to discuss rendering views required and all cost estimate data received.

04/07/16 – Facilities requests GBBN author an AIA Change Order to KFI for the secured employee entrance inside the BMV vestibule.

04/27/16 – GBBN authors Change Order for new Secured Employee Entrance.

05/13/16 – GBBN receives authorized copy of Change Order.