Partner Lead: GBBN

08/28/13 – GBBN and ThermalTech met with the Public Defenders about possible office relocation into the Admin bldg on the 9th or 10th floor. PDO indicated they preferred having two departments on separate floors; one for guardians and one for juvenile. On either option ThermalTech believes they can shrink the computer room down to a smaller footprint and make it work in either option. ThermalTech went back to the computer room and did a take-off of all existing equipment for a more complete layout the new computer room to schedule a meeting with HamCo CMS soon.

08/28/13 – TEI sends markups of Roof Top Equipment affected by scope of work.

08/30/13 – Facilities indicates the 10th Floor scope will not be approved.

08/31/13 – GBBN/IPM send floor plan layout indicating the 10th floor CLEAR and Community Development areas together would be suitable for receiving the GAL department to Facilities.

09/02/13 – Facilities contacts GBBN to inform that the 10th Floor scope will be reconsidered.

09/06/13 – Facilities requests a revised SOSS be submitted for the Tenth Floor relocation scope.

09/06/13 – GBBN submits revised SOSS to Bert Watts for processing.

09/10/13 – Diana Supe requests dates of availability for Kick-off meeting with Public Defenders Office and Facilities Department.

09/11/13 – GBBN received approved SOSS from Bert Watts.

09/17/13 – Re-kick-off Meeting held at 230 WHT Law Center with PDO, Facilities, GBBN, IPM and ThermalTech.

09/25/13 – Team met with PDO and Facilities to discuss computer room options in center of building and present initial cost estimates on all 3 options for 9th & 10th floor work. Everyone agreed to the computer room being built around the 4 communication racks, modifying the waiting area directly off the elevators, putting attorney offices on the west wall and leaving a growth area to the west of the computer room.

09/26/13 – At the partner meeting we learned that there may still be VAT tile remaining on the 10th floor CLEAR area and the 9th floor offices outside the computer room. GBBN will update the cost estimate for these options.