Partner Lead: TEI

01/07/15 – Bert Watts contacts GBBN about Kick-off Meeting.

01/13/15 – GBBN and TEI visit site with Bert Watts for kick-off meeting. After meeting both firms send SOSS to Facilities Department.

01/14/15 – GBBN sends updated schematic design drawings to Bert Watts and TEI for review. TEI initiates Mechanical scope drawings to each.

01/23/15 – GBBN requested by Facilities Department to revise drawings for the Auditor proposed relocation to CAB First Floor.

01/27/15 – GBBN, issues revised preliminary floor plan of Auditor’s proposed relocation to CAB First Floor. Facilities sends to Auditor for review.

03/18/15 – ThermalTech sent in revised SOSS for Architectural and Engineering estimates for approval. We kept the AE fees under $50,000 but that makes the contingency left on this project lower. The amount of system furniture that can be used and is in storage is in question.

04/07/15 – Project is sort of on hold. Some work is being done as a basic necessity now but as the final details are flushed out the partners are on hold.

04/30/15 – BW requested new SOSS for moving Sheriff Reentry to 10th floor in much the same configuration as 9th. GBBN to have TTE under their SOSS, meet with Reentry program and try to save Facilities storage space on the same floor.

05/19/15 – GBBN requests clarification of scope for original SOSS.

05/27/15 – Bert Watts requests SOSS be revised in scope to only included Schematic Design and Estimate.

06/25/15 – Bert said that CLEAR moved out this week and this project will probably start in July or August.

08/10/15 – GBBN requests clarifications from Facilities on scope of work. Facilities responds with associated answers. Facilities issues Archibus Pop-up Project Request Number for estimating input.

08/19/15 – GBBN completes Architectural scope estimate in Archibus.

08/20/15 – TEI completes Mechanical and Fire Protection scope estimate in Archibus.

08/25/15 – TEI completes Electrical scope estimate in Archibus.

10/27/15 – GBBN sends revised floor plan to Bert Watts for review.

10/28/15 – Bert Watts indicates the revisions are acceptable. He will submit to Re-Entry for approval.