03/20/07 – As-Built are here. TE will return this Thursday to MD. Closeout is complete.

03/15/07 – Permits are closing out and job is complete. Ready for Archiving.

12/26/06 – TTC has given all dwgs to contractors and owner for work on this project. The FPC does not need a permit for the limited work and that is to be scheduled directly with Joe Merkt. The IBI was acquired for this job and faxed to Mark Donnelly to give to Jim Eby when need for final inspection.

11/28/06 – TEI was originally working for CRA on this project but the scope got big enough that we took out our own SOSS. Today we reported the J2 fire protection submitted a quote 2 weeks ago for $400 to do this work and that no permit is required to do this work in the space. It is our understanding that J2 can be contacted and coordinated by MD and JM to get this work done in conjunction with County Trades modifying the space. TE submitted for an IBI for this project and scanned the permit and sent it to the County for use on the electrical side of this project.