Partner Lead: GBBN

01/24/14 – Project Scope meeting scheduled for 01/28/14.

02/03/14 – THP – GBBN requested possible structural analysis of storage relocation project and THP provided an hourly estimate for THP services.

02/25/14 – GBBN and TEI met with Bert Watts to investigate the possibility of relocating the file storage to the CAB 10th Floor CLEAR area. GBBN generates a preliminary sketch indicating the files will fit into the area designated at the meeting. Bert Watts indicated General Services will be used to generate a Schematic Design and Opinion of Probable Cost for this scheme.

02/26/14 – GBBN confirms a second access door will be provided into the File Storage and the adjacent workstation will be removed to allow for the door placement. Revised cost estimate is due this Friday to Bert. ThermalTech believes this work can be done without an additional Liebert cooling unit given the HVAC design and CFM’s currently in place in this space.

03/12/14 – GBBN issues SOSS to Bert Watts involving change to 9th Floor Relocation in the existing CLEAR offices.

04/23/14 – GBBN, ThermalTech and Bert kicked off the design of this project today. Design drawings are due June 26 partner meeting. Work to begin after CLEAR moves before December.

03/13/14 – THP noted to GBBN an initial analysis of installing shelving on the ninth floor is possible and a full study will be needed to confirm the proposed final loading. THP based the recommendation on an earlier study in 2012 for a proposed shelving arrangement.

04/24/14 – THP – GBBN approved the full analysis.

05/19/14 – GBBN receives dead load figures from Republic Storage for the existing newer shelving units. This information is forwarded to THP for their load analysis.

05/27/14 – THP completed the analysis of the proposed shelving solution on the ninth floor. THP does not recommend the proposed loading configuration, based on the current information and proposed arrangement. The 2014 shelving arrangement substantially increased the loading from 2012 arrangement. To allow shelving to be moved to the ninth floor, THP recommends either spreading load over additional bays or investigate the slab to determine the slabs reinforcing.

05/27/14 – THP forwards Load Analysis report to GBBN indicating the existing floor loading capacity will not support the current layout for relocating the existing file storage. ThermalTech started design and created floor plans, put on hold for load analysis.

06/10/14 – THP – Terracon completed scans of floor to determine bar sizes.

06/14/14 – THP – Terracon published report to THP.

06/24/14 – THP – THP completed an analysis based on the Terracon report and published a letter to the County for review.

07/31/14 – THP study complete. Bert says project funds are being reallocated, this project pseudo on hold.

08/28/14 – THP – Correction to 7/31/14 entry. THP portion of study complete.