Partner Lead: GBBN

10/13/16 – GBBN, ThermalTech and Facilities Department meet to propose a new SOSS for two options for relocating the Sheriffs’ Fugitive Department to the CAB 9th or 10th floors. Facilities provides sketches for each option.

10/13/16 – ThermalTech sends preliminary labor costs to GBBN for the SOSS.

10/17/16 – GBBN contacts IPM about the project and obtains estimates for labor related to systems furniture and move services.

12/28/16 – GBBN finishes estimates and checks in with ThermalTech for progress. TTC for finish fist couple of days of 2017 after everyone returns to work.

01/23/17 – All cost estimates are updated in Archibus and were sent to Commissioners by Bert for funding determination for Option #1. Option #2 was removed because of the Halon cost associated with project.