09/21/05 -This project is being moved to the archive because the whole project is being rebid due to bidding anomalies.

09/15/05 – After much discussion amongst the vendor, the contractor, Tony and Amy in purchasing, it was decided that TE did not use proper bidding procedure on this job and it has to be reibd. TE will provide the new bid documents and prebid and contract time at no cost to the County. TE still has to write an engineering change order for the scope change for the new electrical design (TA to talk to Tony about this new SOSS). The bid and the construction admin will seem to be au gratis from this point forward.

09/07/05 – ThermalTech has received many calls from the vendors on this job mostly in regards to the chiller selection on the project. Trane believes the chiller must be individually test to meet ARI standards and York seems to think that the specifications say that only so many out of 100 need to be test to meet ARI. TTC assured Tony that ThermalTech will review all aspects of the schedule, specifications and bids and provide a written recommendation as to which chiller meets the intent of the specification while maintaining the requirements of the ORC. TTC will ask Tony about getting the purchasing department or prosecutor department to review and provide a decision if needed after the contract is approved. As with any public bid, the bid amount cannot change so the vendors will have to provide the equipment listed to the County at the bid amount or other actions will have to be taken.

09/01/05 – Contracts came back from Prosecutor. TTC to pick up, modify and take back to faculties for approval. Peck and Trane and calling multiple times trying to force us to use the Trane chiller because it is the only to meet the ARI specification. TTC to review ARI 550 and will discuss with everyone after the contracts are signed..

08/24/05 – TTC, TA, AKM and JM talked about how to write the Admin Chiller Contracts and what alternates to take based on our latest discussions with Cinergy and what they are supplying to the building. TTC has the contracts written to accept the EC base bid and Alternate #1 (new service) and for the MC we are taking base bid and Alternate #3 (warranty). TTC stated that the contracts will be dropped off today.

08/08/05 – TE and the County had a meeting today to discuss how to write contracts for this project and what alternates to accept. For the mechanical contractor we will accept base bid and Alternate #3 for 5 year parts and labor warranty. In discussing the scope of the electrical alternates, it was discovered that to accept the new feeder to the 10th floor does not truly provide the full extent of the County desire to have backup power from both grids to building at all times. It is a convoluted situation but basically the building now has 8000 amps to the building from 2 separate grid feeds. If either grid goes down, the building can still maintain power from the other grid. The max usage right now is 3700 on 95 degree OA temperatures. If we only feed the new chiller with the new service, the main building will have no additional power savings. In the end it was decided that the best thing to do was to try to have the contractor provide a new 1600 amp service into the basement from both grids and provide a transfer switch in the basement as well. This will slightly modify the original scope of the Alternate but will handle TE’s misunderstanding of what the County requested in the design process of this job and in no way would have changed the outcome of the bid process. TE will research the changes and advise the County on possible cost and acceptance by Cinergy.

08/01/05 – The bids opened last Thursday. TE is working on which recommendations to accept for this project. The numbers varied for using bus duct in lieu of standard conduit and feeder from a $400 deduct to a $127,000 adder. Because of this TE has to do some research to see what is correct. TE believes that we will be able to accept Alternate #1, Alternate #3 and Alternate #4 and still be under budget for this job. We want to write the contract on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

07/20/05 – Tim Centers from Habegger called to ask about freeze protection on the chiller since we aren’t using glycol at the Admin building. TZ is on vacation but we are using heat tape and DDC alarms to protect the chiller and piping. Ryan Halverson from Trane called to ask about removing the word “Scroll” from the schedule so everyone is bidding “Screw” compressor chillers and TTC will do that in the Addendum.

07/18/05 – TE to work on Addendum 01. Fix the bond issues for purchasing. Move rigging time to full weekend. Move conduit pull to weekend. Add01 should go out on Tuesday.

07/12/05 – The bids are out and the prebid is set for 07/15/05 at 1:30 p.m.

06/15/05 – JM reported that discreet chiller control will be fine for this job.

06/09/05 – TE emailed Tony and Joe about using discreet points to run the chiller plant instead of adding a Trace interface. TE needs to wait for approval from Tony

05/20/05 – TTC dropped off the chiller plans for review. The specs are not complete yet for review and TTC has not decided the best way to bid the chiller (LCC, Alternates or Base and Equals). GD has returned his comments to TTC.

04/27/05 – TTC, TA, TZ, Joe Merkt and AKM met to discuss the project so that TE can design in a way that doesn’t go too far over budget. The cost estimate turned in last year only had $33,000 for electrical upgrade. The plan is to make or use the mechanical scope adjustable so that some additional monies can be diverted to upgrade the electrical. TE has to do more fieldwork to check on the piping arrangement so that TE can fully comprehend the additional return pipe that goes from the 10th floor to the basement. Basically the 3-way valves have a return system that goes from floor to floor UP the building and from the 10th floor back down to the basement.

04/22/05 – This week THP has delivered final structural dwgs to TE for project. TE finalized a control strategy within TE for the new chiller and discussed hydraulic issues of existing piping and pumps. GD gave TZ and TTC direction on sizing the new 10th floor pump. TTC decided that JCI controls can be modified during the upcoming project and that existing control work on 10th floor chiller would have no adverse effects on new system. Chiller S/S and Pump S/S and statuses can be re-used and extended as needed during 10th floor project. Trane sent project info to TE on the existing chillers: Evaporator, 45-55 F, 480 gpm, 2-pass, 26.5 ft wpd, .0005 fouling factor, Condenser: 85-95 F, 581 gpm, 2-pass, 21.7 ft wpd, .0005 fouling factor, CAB-CH-1 TRANE CENTRAVAC CVHE-020B L85B26377, CAB-CH-2 TRANE CENTRAVAC CVHE-020B L85B26376.

04/05/05 – TE coordinated with THP on steel locations and scope for new air cooled chiller. THP will meet onsite with Joe Merkt to field check existing steel conditions this week. THP requested $2000 for fee’s for this project. TE approved. This cost wasn’t in the original scope of fee’s but TE will try to incorporate into project but will save for engineering change order if needed.

03/21/05 – TE kicked off project with a site visit for TA, TTC and TZ. SRB visited the site for equipment and piping takeoffs during the same morning. TE began talking to vendors about equipment weights and chiller selections. TE discussed the cost estimate and various upgrade options at the building for this project.

02/09/05 – Received Signed SOSS

01/12/05 – Project Kickoff meeting with County. TE to begin design.