03/16/06 – Mark reports the sink is compete. I am set to archive this project at the end of the week.

12/28/05 – TTC called Blue Chip to find out the status of the permit application.

12/14/05 – Permit drawings have been signed by ThermalTech and sent to Blue Chip for submissions. Copies will be delivered to the County on 12/15.

12/09/05 – TTC contacted Blue Chip about acquiring this permit for the County. Sam completed a permit drawing for use on this project. TE will get 3 stamped sets of the drawings for Blue Chip if they agree to get the permit.

12/06/05 – THIS PERMIT WAS ACTUALLY FOR THE ADA TOILET UPGRADE. Wayne called to say the scope changed on the project and the only thing they need is a permit for the sink, TTC reported that the permit was pulled by Blue Chip Plumbing already. TTC called Blue Chip and is getting a copy of the permit faxed over to TE. I will scan it and fax it down to Wayne when we receive it.

11/07/05 – The County has decided to the do the work in house and TE will assist in getting a permit for this job and reimburse the cost through Blue Chip for the permit.

10/03/05 – TE sent out a project update but we have not received a signed SOSS for this project yet.

09/23/05 – TTC & MS are meeting the County on site to discuss the scope of the project. We will then write the SOSS for the project.