03/30/11 – Project is complete. Art Smith & TJ Williams invoices has been sent to Pat Day for final payment.

02/22/10 – The initial stage is complete. I believe I am waiting on the County to find some furniture pieces for us to use to fix up the remaining parts. I haven’t heard back from Judy on how well the repairs went.

01/24/11 – We have finished the first pass through on the furniture fix up. I need furniture pieces to have Art Smith fix up the remaining parts to get it as good as it gets for its age. I would like to move to next phase and replace the front counter after we get our contract and counter SOSS approved.

10/25/10 – TJ Williams bid was resent to Judith. Engr needed more information. Ginter has to update their bid and we will forward that along.

09/29/10 – Bids were collected and sent to Bert. The 2 day repair cost is under $2000.

07/28/10 – Need Judith contact info. George Mullins may have to design this project with Susan.

07/23/10 – ThermalTech attempted setup a design meeting for SD and Cost. Judy email bounced back so I need to find her new number.

05/26/10 – SOSS approved. We will setup fieldwork and kickoff next week.

04/26/10 – Schematic Drawing is complete. Fieldwork is complete for SD. We are working on cost estimate to send with SD.

03/23/10 – Project on hold.

01/26/10 – Bert contacted ThermalTech about permit requirements and was told the mechanical code would require a permit for the new ventilation calc required in a new conference room. Bert has the SOSS for this project.

12/31/09 – Bert contact TEI to work on this project and renovation. TEi owes Bert an SOSS based on the HamCo Scope of Work.