08/13/10 – The space looks great. Tenants say they are not used to the new work flow yet but will give it time.

07/23/10- -Work continues. BW is handling the Const Admin of the trades work on this project. No new questions or issues that TEI is aware of.

05/26/10 – TTC will check on progress while at the permit office on Thursday.

05/13/10 – City sent permit receipt to TEI for use on this project. All permits look to be approved at the City Web portal.

05/05/10 – Check on progress with Dave S and Bert W. IBI inspections for rough in are complete. Cindy office is under nightly construction.

04/26/10 – Work has begun. Phasing was taken over by Bert. We check the scale of the drawings on D size prints and it was right, check with Bert on Thursday to see what the issue is.

03/24/10 – Arch permit review is complete. The changes will take some time and we need updated specs from Speer. These should be permitted on Thursday/Friday.

03/23/10 – Permit drawings are being reviewed inside ThermalTech and at the Architects office. We should be acquiring permits by Wed or Thurs this week. We have incorporated all the client comments into the drawings and added specs to the job.

02/24/10 – We had the SD review meeting. Bert asked for a new SOSS for permitting the job and incorporating the changes and Archibus input. Smorey requested a new schedule. TTC will get that completed on Friday.

02/04/10 – We are still trying to get an SOSS worked out with Public Works for this job and Bert is assisting us in this attempt.

01/28/10 – TTC and Bert discussed a new SOSS for County Trades installation and TTC provided it. There is some doubt about how will do this work and how it will get design. TEI will wait for Facility guidance before proceeding.

12/21/09 – TTC, BW and Smorey met on site to go over the changes required in the renovation. TTC got drawings copied for Hamco and TEI and is preparing the SOSS. This project will require electrical, fire alarm, mechanical and general work to complete.