03/17/06 – TTC walked the site today and saw two lights on the 6th floor being installed. One worked and one didn’t. There appears to be a problem with some of the light fixtures. They may have to be returned for work at the factory.

11/03/05 – TTC sent out the final Addendum for the new bid on this project. TTC took out an ITB since the cost estimate was above $25,000 on this project. The bid is set to open on November 10th. I don’t know why I was rushing to send out addendum today – I actually had till Monday. I reset the estimate to $62,500 after talking to Mark and included a lamp for each fixture as part of the bid. Add01 – PDF

07/20/05 – TA talked to Mark about MS working on the ADA project. MS will provide a new update soon.

02/22/05 – TE is waiting on further direction from the County on any additional work required at the site. Phil and Christine are creating a detail for the additional lights in the lobby area on floors two through six for future use.

02/04/05 – PL visited the site with Brian Meyer and MWH and readjusted some of the lighting in the lobby. PL dropped off the refurbished fixture for the CH too. Rebecca Groppe did not like style and installation of the lights, but TE thinks it looks great. We believe that the space appears open and clean. If there is anything that TE can do to make things better, please let us know.

Phil Lambing has been onsite surveying existing fixtures and will devise a plan to upgrade the lighting appropriately.