12/26/06 – This project is being moved to the archive until such time as the tenant comes up with the funds to restart the project.

10/01/06 – This project has been put on HOLD till further notice.

09/01/06 – Based on our new chiller design, the expensive computer room unit required for this room could easily be handled by the new/existing 24/7 chilled water system in the building. This may save the Auditor $10,000 whereas the only thing they would buy now is a fan coil unit and the piping from the CHW system to the space. They would be our first tenant to jump on the new system.

07/25/06 – After the County decided to pre-purchase the equipment, TTC has been working with the Liebert rep to decide which equipment would best suit this application so it can be purchased. TEI has not received data from the Auditors office for loads for the new equipment yet.

06/09/06 – TTC sent contracts down for approval on 06/28. Mark Donnelly called today to say that the Auditor would like to pre-purchase the Liebert unit and UPS for the space. TEI will put together a small project pre-purchase spec and bid this out for delivery in November.

06/14/06 – TE and CRA had a meeting to discuss cost estimates with Auditor and even though a miscommunication of what they wanted estimated prevented the meeting from being a total success, there was enough good information to allow us to redo the cost estimates by 06/21/06.

05/29/06 – TTC emailed Liebert about equipment options and budget cost for the upcoming cost meeting. Our fieldwork at the last meeting located the condensing unit on the small roof adjacent to the atrium roof. The architect will have to cut an access door into the wall in the storage room where an old window use to be. Spencer, TTC and Joe Merkt discussed options on this door. TTC stated that when this new condensing unit was installed that the GC will have to install a set of handrails on the outside parapet since the unit will be within 10 feet of the outside roof. Joe seemed okay with the location and this will give us 24/7 cooling without using city water.

05/25/06- Kickoff meeting left TEI with two cost estimates to assemble. #1 leave the computer room on the fourth floor and estimate to the reworking of personnel on 5. #2 move everyone up to the fifth floor including the fire protection system and servers and UPS. We will meet in two weeks to go over cost and issues for design.

05/22/06 – Mark setup a kickoff meeting for this project on 05/25 at 10 a.m. SOSS’s have been signed.

04/07/06 – TTC and GM attended a meeting with the Auditors (Paula Drake, Terry Munz, Stu) and the County (JM, Jim Eby, DES) to discuss the future of this project. DES stated that the job will most likely be incorporated into a 2006 pop up project to move the computer room up to the 5th floor. The Auditor has an offsite computer farm that consists of 6 servers that they are paying $4000 a month. These may be moved into the basement to save money. We will try to design a new project asap to get a 5th floor computer room created. We will reconvene on Monday with Spencer to discuss options.

03/13/06 – Mike Stiles emailed the County for clarification on the scope of this project:

I would like to confirm the items expected under the SOSS and address what it fixes and does not fix. As you know from previous conversations there are several problem with the computer room as it pertains to power. The SOSS written and approved covers some of them but not all, as discussed. The first and most immediate problem is the power strips on the back of the racks failing because of the poor design of the device and loading. The SOSS is to replace the existing power strips, add new power strips on all the racks, and double the amount of circuitry. This will allow for better loading and add redundancy for dual power supply devices.
This will fix the immediate problem but I would like to clarify that this doesn’t to fix the next main problem. The current UPS is loaded to full capacity (82%-95% which is greater the manufacturer recommends). The additional circuitry will fix the loading issue at the power strip but not at the source. No additional devices should be added to the computer room currently even after the additional circuitry, without the UPS being upgraded. There is an option but not a great one. Some of the new circuits could come from building power, not the UPS, and will allow for more devices being added. The down fall of this is the devices connect to these circuits will not have conditioned back-up power. I need to know if the County would like all the circuits to be from UPS power or a mix of building power and UPS power.